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Brow Bone Reduction Procedure and Costs

I'm a 24 y/o male, and I've generally been happy with my appearance and never once thought about having any cosmetic surgery done. However, for the past couple of years, I've... READ MORE

Reducing the Glabella Bone

Judging from the pictures, would it be more beneficial to simply fill and contour the indent in my forehead with BoneSource than to shave away the bone? Combination of the two?... READ MORE

Cost and Locations for Laser Skin Resurfacing/scar Removal for the Nose? (Sarasota, Florida)

I'd like to have either laser skin resurfacing or scar removal completed on the small pock marks and indentations on my nose/pores. Considering that it's a rather small area on... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Eyes with Dark Circles and Spots? (photo)

Along with the dark circles I have under and inside the corners of my eyes, I also have these small white spots there too. I lightly stretched the skin out so you could see it... READ MORE

How Can I Treat Prominent Dark Circles and Spots Under Eyes? (photo)

I have prominent dark circles under and inside the corners of my eyes. I also have these small specks of skin under my eyes which makes the dark circles appear even worse. I... READ MORE

Cost-effective Treatments for Syringoma Removal? (photo)

Aside from dark circles under my eyes, which I've began to use eye cream for, I have what appears to be syringoma under my eyes as well, which exacerbates the problem. Which... READ MORE

Options for Large Nose Pores and Small Pockmarks? (photo)

I have fairly large, visible nose pores. Even after following a strict regimen to keep them clean, they still seem to become clogged. I tried a vitalize peel which really... READ MORE

How to Quickly Remove Red/brown Acne Marks on Back?

I have several brownish and red acne marks on my upper and lower back. They're very persistent and I've had the same marks now for at least two months. I usually exfoliate in... READ MORE

How to remove red marks and hyperpigmentation on legs? (Photo)

I'm at a loss as to what I can do to remove these marks on my legs. I exfoliate and moisturize daily, but they hardly show any signs of fading away. I believe some of the... READ MORE

How to remove red scar tissue under the skin? (Photo)

I have a leftover scar or mark on my right inner thigh after a boil had popped and drained. The scar has been there for over a month and a half now, and has shown no signs of... READ MORE