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27 Y/o Finally Getting Cheeks and Filler in Recessed Chin with Dr. Niamtu in VA

I want to preface this review by saying I originally made a Pre-Op review in advance a few months ago when I scheduled the surgery. At that time I received so many negative and discouraging comments I asked the realself team to graciously rescind the post. If you're against plastic surgery or want to tell people to accept the way they look because you have a chip on your shoulder about a bad... READ MORE

Dr. Kassir: Non-surgical Cheek, Chin, and Nose Procedures - Wayne, NJ

Dr. Kassir addressed the following: -Some minor asymmetries from rhinoplasty with a previous surgeon (with Perlane) -Cheek filler (Perlane) -Chin (Radiesse) Total: 1.5 cc of Radiesse + 2 cc Perlane I have had fat transferred to my face in the past and Silikon 1000 to my nose, most of which dissipated and I had found very painful. I have a notoriously low pain tolerance, but with Dr. Kassir,... READ MORE

Edison, NJ- Rhino+Facial fat transfer

I was genetically blessed with a very Jewish/Mediterranean nose, and flat cheekbones. My nose projected too much from my face, was slightly crooked, and had a dorsal hump. Ever since my nose developed, I was always very self-conscious about it, and I felt like it was all people saw when they looked at my face. This was not how I wanted to stand out, and I dreaded any photos that showed me in... READ MORE

Questions from Indigo2788

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Lip Lift? (photo)

I am planning on having rhinoplasty and probably cheek/tear trough implants or fat transfer as well. Post-nose job, it is likely that my nose will be shorter in the front view.... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting or Rhinoplasty First?

I am planning to have rhinoplasty combined with a chin implant done at a separate time from fat grafting to the cheeks due to financial reasons. Which would you recommend I... READ MORE

Will Lip Lift Make Gummy Smile Worse?

Unsmiling I have minimal teeth show and a somewhat long upper lift, which I imagine will be exacerbated when I have a rhinoplasty (which I intend to). Will having the lip lift... READ MORE

Small, Red Bump 2.5 Months Post Rhinoplasty: Is it Due to Too Much Massage and is it Temporary?

I think I caught myself in a catch-22 because as I was massaging my nose (as instructed) after the cast initially came off, I think I went overboard and might have irritated... READ MORE

Does Sleeping on One's Face/side Potentially Affect Fat Transfer Retention?

I have a tendency unfortunately of sleeping on my face. Can the pressure affect the fat, and if so, would it only affect it for a short time proceeding the fat transfer... READ MORE

Recommendations for: post-rhino nose, under eye hollows+cheeks+chin volume? (photo)

Rhinoplasty May 2011, + fat transfer under eyes/cheeks, which has dissolved completely. I have an indentation on left bridge and slight bump on right side, evident on oblique... READ MORE

What can be done about uneven smile? (Photo)

I am wondering what could be done to make the lines that appear on my face when I smile more symmetrical. Considering that I am too young to have wrinkles unsmiling, would... READ MORE

Can I take Mixed Martial Arts/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes with cheek & chin implants (and/or fillers)?

I recently began receiving facial fillers in my flat cheeks & recessed chin for volumizing, and I am considering implants as a more permanent solution. I am 25 years old. I am... READ MORE

Have tried fat grafting and fillers to cheeks and have dissolved quickly. Are cheek implants a good idea? (photo)

I am a female in my mid-twenties and have always had flat cheekbones, which are now more pronounced as I've become more fit and athletic. I have had fat grafting done to my... READ MORE

Do all chin implants result in vertical lengthening of the face? (photos)

My chin recedes horizontally (to the side) but I I like its vertical height as is (from the front). I am wondering if a chin implant will inevitably result in the latter. I... READ MORE

Best post-op supplies after cheek implants?

I am preparing to have submalar implant surgery in March and want to do my best to be comfortable and prepared afterwards. I'm not worried about cost as I want to be as... READ MORE

When can I sleep on my side/belly after cheek implants (which has been secured with screws)?

I had cheek implant surgery 4 days ago and have been using a propped up "u-shape" travel-type pillow to keep my head lifted and restrict sleeping on my cheeks accidentally.... READ MORE

How long after cheek implant surgery can you get filler in tear trough area?

I just had fantastic submalar cheek implant surgery. While it improved the hollows under my eyes it did not completely fill in the area and I'm considering whether a bit of... READ MORE

What sort of revision would likely be needed for extra cartilage on one side? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty about 5 years ago. I am very happy with my profile view and how the right side of my nose looks in all views, but the left side has what looks like more... READ MORE

What's the difference between large & med submalar cheek implant? What kind of healing can be expected? (Photo)

I had medium submalar cheek implants done about four weeks ago and while I see an improvement, as the swelling dissolved they are not as large as I would have liked. On the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Indigo2788

What information are you specifically looking for? I gave a ton of details in the review. READ COMMENT

Pretty much the same. (: I still go on here every now and then as I get tons of questions. But otherwise it seems like a minor thing in the distant past! READ COMMENT

Hey there, how are you doing? READ COMMENT

Thanks! I'm not sure the brand, but they are medium-sized silicone implants secured with micro-screws. I am apparently not permitted to post Dr. Niamtu's website on here (I had a comment deleted for doing so) but he has a plethora of... READ COMMENT