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49 Years Old and Loving my Skin....

I have been using the Meaningful Beauty product line for three years now. It has maintained my skin greatly. I do not have any fine lines or wrinkles, and very few dark spots. I have very sensitive skin and have not had any reactions to these products. I am a bit of a fanatic with my skin care routine. I think this comes from my grandmother. When I was growing up she was always telling... READ MORE

Paula's Choice RealFriends Rewards Program Products...Sweet:)

I just received my products yesterday. I was excited to get started using them. Tonight I cleansed my face and applied the products. My skin feels like velvet and I am hoping it continues to get better and better with continued use. I have some dark spots on my cheeks, forehead and upper lip. I am hoping these will fade. My routine with the products went like this: 1. Cleansed my... READ MORE

I Want This Blue Fish Removed from my Ankle

I have wanted to remove this tattoo from my ankle for a while now.  I am just beginning my research and would like to try the new PicoSure laser.  I am now searching for a doctor in my area that is trained using this laser.  Since this is a newly approved process there are not a lot of doctors available.  I will update as I have more information and details on the... READ MORE

Breast Reduction, Best Results Ever and Completely Happy - Madison, WI

I am a small person 5'-1" and had extremely large breasts. I was completely top heavy at a size 40 DDD. My neck, back, shoulders, and head hurt all the time. I felt old and just plain ugly. I had wanted this procedure done for years and finally just had to go for it. Best decision I have ever made...well that and the Tummy Tuck. I am now a perfect size 34 full B and love it. If... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Excellent Results! - Madison, WI

I am 11 days out from my TT and Lipo and extremely happy. I am amazed by the results in such a short time. Even with the swelling I am completely happy. I had lost 60 pounds and had horrible hanging skin..had to go! I have an excellent surgeon so was not nervous going in; only excited. The entire experience has been amazing. I have to say that the first four days after surgery was the worst.... READ MORE

Recent comments from Kimmers25

You bet, keep moving forward because you are doing everything right!   Having the BR makes such a difference in every way.  It's one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Keep up the great work:) READ COMMENT

Take a look at answers to this question from the Doctor Q&A section.   READ COMMENT

Hello:)   I had my BR first and then went on to lose 70 pounds.  I did not do my TT until after I had lost the weight.  I wanted to achieve the ultimate results by getting as much weight off as possible.  My doctor wanted me to be wit... READ COMMENT

Hang in there girlie!! READ COMMENT

I used Palmer's Vitamin E SKin Therapy Oil and and Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil.  You will need to do a firm circular massage 2 times a day for weeks.  This will help to flatten and fade the scar over time.   READ COMMENT