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I Look Much Better but Totally Natural and As a Bonus I Rarely Have Headaches Anymore

I saw some photos in a women's magazine a couple of years ago that made me want to start botox. The photos were of twin women around 35 years old. One of them had been doing botox for 5 years in her forehead and the other had not. The difference was significant. The botox twin looked natural, normal, good. The other twin looked natural too but she had noticeable forehead READ MORE

I Use It on my Eyelashes and Eyebrows - Absolutely Worth It! - San Francisco, CA

I can say for a fact that Latisse works. I had thin, short, light auburn lashes before. Now, at not quite 4 months I have very long, slightly thicker, dark brown lashes. They are really amazingly long. I have brown eyes and I have not seen any darkening of my eyes or the area around my eyes. I have been using the product on my eyebrows and it seems to be making them thicker too. I... READ MORE

Worth Every Cent - Wish I Had It Done Sooner (Severe Astigmatism)

My procedure was more expensive because of severe astigmatism. The tests before the procedure were simple, not much more invasive than a typical eye test. The procedure itself was totally painless and took less than 15 minutes total. I had my eye-flap incision done by laser as well, apparently you have a choice of having it done by laser or by hand. The laser costs more but is more exact... READ MORE

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I don't actually remember. I did have strong near-sightedness too. I was 20/400 in one eye and 20/250 in the other. I think my astigmatism was very bad. I had to order custom contact lenses that took about 2 weeks to get. I couldn't... READ COMMENT