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Smartlipo = Scars and an Empty Bank Account, No Results

Staff members in the office claim you'll lose 2-3 dress sizes. I walked in a size 8 and came out a size 8. Still a size 8 six months later. Don't waste your money on this surgery. Cut back to 1200 calories for free. You'll save $10,000.00 and have no scars. Doctor performed the surgery a second time after admitting it didn't work. Now I'm still a size 8 with scars. I had hips, thighs and... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy is the Cheapest, Most Effective Thing You Can Do Cosmetically!

Sclerotherapy has been the most effective cosmetic treatment I have undergone. For the cost, it yields great results and they are lasting...over three years passed before I needed a touch up. If you have spider veins, you will be very pleased with this procedure. Downtime is minimal. The most annoying part is wearing support hose and not being able to take a shower for 48 hrs. Do it on a... READ MORE

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Exactly! Thanks for clarifying April.
I'm sure you look great! We are our own worst critics anyway. The pain is pretty bad and the bruising was awful on my legs.
My doctor has supposedly performed more of these procedures than any other yet I had no results as well. My family and friends agree it was a total ripoff.
It didn't work for me either. My friends and family think it was the biggest ripoff ever...
I am numb in places too six months later. I also got burned but it turns into a nice scar :( The worst part is that I am still the same size. I have nothing to show for $10,000 except scars and a new lumpy roll under my belly button...