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Eye Bag Surgery

I have found RealSelf so helpful in doing research for different procedures that I wanted to give back by adding my own. Many (many) years ago I had upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Prasad and was extremely happy. I had always had heavy eyelids and thought they made me look sleepy. Dr. Prasad did an excellent, natural looking job. I was so pleased that now, entering my mid-50s I wanted to... READ MORE

Keeping Fingers Crossed!!

If you click on my CoolSculpting review you will see how my abdomen was left deformed by a procedure I thought was completely safe. Little did I know that years (and many thousands of dollars) later...I'd still be searching for a way to make it better. To try to even out the divot and unevenness I have tried: ---Subsequent CoolSculpting (didn't work $$) --Velashape/Venus Legacy (waste of... READ MORE!!! Huntington, NY

I've always had paltry eyebrows. I don't even tweeze except for the errant hair. I've wanted for a long time to have them enhanced but I never found someone's whose work really impressed me. In fact...I was often shocked by the photos I saw! To me they quite often seemed like someone, somewhere had a sharpie marker and was doing the same exact eyebrow on everyone regardless of the person... READ MORE

More $$$ Out the Window--- New York, NY

Tried Liposonix for an abdominal unevenness that was caused by CoolSculpt. The technician had some difficulty initially with the machine. When she got it going, I was surprised that I did not feel a thing (especially reading so many reviews that said it was painful). I felt nothing and there was no redness, bruising, tenderness….nothing! I wasn't even sure I had anything done, but was... READ MORE

what a disaster! - Westchester, NY

I got Artefill done as my doctor said it was very long fact, semi-permanent. Well, as soon as I got it done I noticed a difference and was very pleased. The are was indeed more plump. forward to 1 1/2 month later...the substance begins to break apart and travel to all areas of my face and create lumps....lumps on my temple, lumps on my cheeks, lumps on my nose,... READ MORE

Waste of time & $$$$

I had full face Ultherapy done in June, and I was waiting for something SOMETHING to happen before posting. So now it's been over three months and I thought I'd make my comments. First, yes it was painful. I took pain killers and it still hurt like crazy. But anything that can keep me from having surgery I thought would be worth the pain. I read all the fabulous reviews (80 % thumbs up... READ MORE

Left with Lump, Now have to consider Costly & Scary Lipo

Feb. 9 ---Like many others on here, I had a little area of fat under my belly button. I am 47, 5'8" and have a slim, tight build at 129 lbs. However, that little area always stayed jelly belly for some reason. (no children). The doctor marked the area, put one of the smaller attachments on me and then there was the suction. No pain whatsoever, just a bit of an odd feeling. For... READ MORE

Vitalize Peels Work Great, New York, NY

Vitalize peel on my skin is a gentle but effective peel. There is tingling during the application and a little redness. Generally for me, 3 days later I get a bit of flaking, but nothing that makes you have to hide away. A week later (one the dull flakes are gone) I feel my skin looks dewier and smoother. It is not a drastic change, but a nice refresher to maintain your skin. READ MORE

Juvederm Works in Nasolabial Folds - New York, NY

I've had Juvederm several times in the smile lines area. It really works well for me. I am 47 and have seen that area get thinned out. It lasts a good amount of time 6-9 months. I previously had Restylane and felt that it broke up into little bits that surfaced on my face as hard white heads that needed to be removed with a lancet during facials. I don't notice that with... READ MORE

Series of Refirme Treatments - New York, NY

So far I've had 5 out of 6 in a series of Refirme treatments over a 6 month period. I am 47 and while I'm lucky not to have wrinkles, I felt my neck skin was starting to feel lax (especially when I turned my head in specific positions). The process itself only takes about 20-25 minutes. The Dr. puts gel on your face and then does several passes with the Refirme machine. It was painful for... READ MORE

Questions from NYCMe

Will Laser Resurfacing or Chemical Peels Help Lax Neck Skin?

Hello, I'm almost 47. I've been lucky in the sense that my face has no wrinkles and I haven't had any procedures yet (except peels) however, I have started noticing that in... READ MORE

Terrified of Liposuction Dents, Ridges, Lumps, Loose Skin

Hi-I'm 5'8" 128 lbs. Always had this belly jutting out and have been thinking of lipo for years. Done so much research, but (vaser, smart, regular) I am still SO... READ MORE

Lump from Cool Sculpting? (photo)

Hi, I am slim build but had lower ab fat. Had 1 CoolSculpting and saw results 7-9 months later. While I am happy with a flatter belly, I was left with a lump on the right side... READ MORE

Lipo for Lumps from Cool Sculpting (Zeltiq)? (photo)

I have a golf ball size lump from Cool Sculpt.Did another Zeltiq right at that spot only--no results. Waited 6 months did again-- lump hasn't changed. It is just fat, Dr.... READ MORE

Cellulaze--Left with Lump from Cool Sculpt, Will Cellulaze Help? (photo)

Hi-did Coolsculpt over a year ago and while it did help flatten my belly it also left me with an almost golf ball size lump. You can also see a dent above my belly button where... READ MORE

What would help dents and lump caused by Coolsculpting? (photo)

Left w dent over belly button & 2 long indentations leaving a bulge.For years I've been pondering lipo but have been to afraid to make matters worse. Is this correctable? What... READ MORE

Regarding Thermitight- What if I do not have fat, just loose skin? (Photo)

Regarding Thermitight- What if I do not have fat, just loose skin? Can this tighten up the loose skin without removing fat? I am very thin and I don't want any fat taken away... READ MORE

Recent comments from NYCMe

What's a skin pinch? Did they actually remove skin from underneath your eye? READ COMMENT

I did have a follow up and the Dr. said it could be fluid. It's hard to believe I can be swollen since it's been over a month but I guess It could be fluid as I think I look WORSE. I am to come back in 2 months. It is very... READ COMMENT

What I don't understand is if the fat was removed how can the bag remain?...what is there left to do? How can you have a revision? Did more fat form inside? Or was the skin itself excised? READ COMMENT

I'm sorry you're going through this. Coolscupt left my abdominal area uneven. I almost went for lipo but decided against it. Hope you will find a solution READ COMMENT

Hi--I thought cruciferous vegetables were good for people with autoimmune. All the autoimmune diets recommend them. READ COMMENT