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Sorry, I was answering the remark from keithNJ above mine. I'm glad to hear you are seeing improvement. READ COMMENT

40 CC is a LOT! And it will affect your smile! Have you ever tried chiropractic care or accupuncture for TMJ? My sister has had a lot of relief from those methods. READ COMMENT

Liz, would you please share the doctors names and contact info (website?) that are helping you? READ COMMENT

Liz, Keep that stiff upper lip. I've been through what you're dealing with. It is one of the most horrible things that has ever happened to me, but just know that the effects WILL go away. This is not a permanent condition. Be... READ COMMENT

Makenzie, if you have not heard about this, you need to check into the Botox "Not Worth It" comments and see how many people have suffered horrible emotional effects from botox. I had my own 18 month nightmare. Obviously, it does not... READ COMMENT