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Eyelid Surgery for Dark Circles and Slight Asymmetry?

I have dark circles under my eyes and darkness along all of the orbital area. I can trace back my condition as far as 10 years old, and I am now 16. I have done a lot of... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Help Eye Hollowness?

Upper and lower hollowness around the eyes, with asymmetry of the eyelids. I've serious hollowness in my lower/upper eyes. I'm currently 16, and can date this problem since... READ MORE

Improving Under Eye Hollowness with Dermal Fillers

I have (SEVERE) hollowness under both eyes, but much more severe in my right than left. I am 16 years old, and looking for a temporary way of getting rid of my lower hollowness... READ MORE

Injectable Fillers for Undereye Hollowness?

I'm thinking of using dermal fillers to correct genetic hollowness under my eyes. I've a few questions about the procedure. How long do fillers under the eyes last? How... READ MORE

Will Fillers Help Fix Under Eye Hollowness?

Hello, I am almost 17 and I have genetic dark under eye hollowness in both eyes. I am wondering if I could use dermal fillers (like Juvederm/Restylane) to correct them. Thanks... READ MORE

Hollowness, Droopy Eyelids and Dark Circles - Related to Sleep?

I've a problem with genetic hollowness in my lower (shows as prominent dark circles) and upper eyelids. This causes an irregular droop in my upper eyelids. I'm in my... READ MORE