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Questions from SallyAnne

Tiny Bumps From Restylane Under Eyes

I had restylane under my eyes and along the upper part of my cheek near the cheek bone, today, 7 hours ago. I have a bruise, and some swelling, that's not my concern.... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Swelling 4 Months After Restylane in Tear Troughs

Had restylane in my tear trough and cheeks Nov. 16, 2010 w/ bruising & swelling under my eyes post procedure. Early Jan, 2011, I woke up to swollen upper eyelids &... READ MORE

Lips Swollen After Restylane

I had restylane injected in my upper lip yesterday. Directly after, I looked great, ran errands, even bought lipstick! But this morning (it's been about 15 hours post... READ MORE

Will Restylane in Lips Last Longer the More Treatments You Get?

I've been been getting Restylane in my lips for almost 2 years now w/touch-ups (1/2-1/4 a syringe) about every 3 months. I'm so consistent that I've never seen much... READ MORE

Restylane in Cheeks. Changed Face Shape.

I had restylane under my eyes and in my cheeks 7 months ago. The eyes had problems, but now look great. However, I've never liked how my face shape looks. It's fuller,... READ MORE

Big Mistake: Restylane in Lips from Different Doc: Uneven Smile, Strange Lumps

Needed a touch-up on my lips. Away from home, went to different doc. She used less than 1/2 a syringe, mostly in top lip & a spot on my bottom lip on one side. She said the... READ MORE

Juvederm Bruises, Swelling, Slightly Uneven, Options?

It's been 24 hours post Juverderm in my lips & I'm a little worried. Never had Juvie, always Resty so I'm not sure what's normal. When I left the office, I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Titrate Hyaluronidase for Lips? Two Weeks Post.

Lips touched up 2 weeks ago w/ minimal amt. & on only 1 side to even out lips after last procedure 7 months ago. It was immediately uneven (though no bruising & no... READ MORE

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Confessions of a Lip-a-holic! Worth it in the long run?

Wondering if any of you out there get sick of doing the juvederm/restylane lip dance every 3-6 months? Though I go for the less is more approach, and get small touch ups every... READ MORE

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Scottsdale: You sound a lot like me! I like to get the little touch-ups so no one will notice when they deflate a bit. I want it to always look natural and not come in, six months later for a big old shot of product. THAT looks bad, I... READ COMMENT

Psoldoff: Yes, fingers crossed! I'm confident this will all resolve. Our bodies WANT to get rid of things. I just think this stuff sticks around and mixes things up far longer than these doctors tell us. But in time, we'll be back to... READ COMMENT

Peiper Bean: No, thank you! You are a reminder of what this should look like! I think people, especially those who have negative experiences, lose sight of what a good doctor can do. And what kind of expectations the person should have.... READ COMMENT

PieperBean: Your lips look like the PRIME example of how a filled lip should look -- natural. Your smile is beautiful and spreads evenly, you don't have the dreaded trout pout, you don't look like a cat, you look like a beautiful happy... READ COMMENT

Psoldoff: Thank you for your post. I wish every woman considering this procedure could read this, because it would really help them research more and weigh the pros and cons. Too often the doctor makes it seem like such a tiny... READ COMMENT