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Liposuction Revision... - Las Vegas

I had liposuction on my lower abs and flanks after having two kids. I'm 27 years old and worked out 5 xs a week but couldnt stand my love handles! They just would not go away so I had the procedure done April 2010 and what a HUGE difference. Not too bad with pain, swelling on myself lasted forever even to the day of my revision because I did not leak the fluids for too long after the... READ MORE

Questions from 7000xo

Why Do I Still Have This Indentation Plus Another 1 After my Lipo Revision? I Look Worse.

I had lipo done to my abs and flanks 6 mths ago with good results but I noticed an indentation on my lower back/flank right area so the doc revised that section with fat graft... READ MORE

Approx. 50% of Fat Survives when Fat Grafting but What's the Time Frame for This to Happen?

The reason I'd like to know is because I had fat grafted to an indent after lipo to my flanks/lower back and I hate what I see. The fat grafted was not placed to the indent... READ MORE

Areola Reduction / Breast Implant Revision w/ Lift

It will be 2 years since my breast augmentation in August and I had 450ccs put into each breast under the muscle. Incision through inframmamary fold but wanted it done through... READ MORE

Reduction in Breast Implant and Areola Size

I have 450ccs on both breast under muscle, crease. Originally I wanted aerola incision & reduction ( and C cup)but doc said aerola would like fine after implant. I still... READ MORE

I Have 450ccs Through Crease & Like How my Breasts Look Without a Bra but As Soon I Put a Bra on They Look Way Too Big!

I'm thinking of reducing my implant size but I am not sure. With a bra on my breasts look huge and I don't like it. When I wear outfits that don't require a bra, I... READ MORE

Will Downsizing from 450ccs (D Cup) to 350ccs Give Me a C Cup?

I really wanted a C cup but ended up with a D/DD Cup. I chose the 420ccs but the doc filled them to 450ccs. I've had my implants for 2 years. READ MORE

Will Reducing my Aerolas Make my Breast Look Better and Lift Them Slightly?

I had 450ccs placed under the muscle 2 years ago through crease. Originally I wanted the incision through the aerola but doc suggested crease..I still feel my aerolas are a... READ MORE

If I Get an Aerola Reduction, is the Scar Very Noticeable?

I am latina, olive skin tone and tan easily. Will the aerola reduction scar be very noticeable? I seem to heal well based on my previous breast augmentation with was through... READ MORE

Can I Get a Benelli Lift to Acheive a Small Lift but More Importantly a Reduced Aerola?

I've had my implants for 2 years through crease. Even before surgery I wanted my aerolas reduced but doc suggested implant would make overall appearance better. I still... READ MORE

My Breasts with Implants Have Not Changed at All During This Pregnancy, Can I Expect This Once I've Given Birth?

I have 450ccs under the muscle through crease and I am 8 months pregnant now. My breasts still look exactly the same except maybe slightly bigger but not by much. Does this... READ MORE

Will Downsizing from 450ccs to 350ccs Achieve my Size/goal?

I had my surgery 2 years ago through crease 450ccs high profile. I'd like to change my size 1. because i wanted a Ccup and ended up with huge D's and 2. Wanted my... READ MORE

Will my 2nd Liposuction Revision Turn out Better Than the 1st?

I had liposuction to my flanks over 1 year ago and underwent a revision due to 2 indentations on both sides of my lower back. After the revision and fat graft I was left worse!... READ MORE

Whats Best when Considering Aerola Reduction?

I'd like areola reduction and currently have 450cc high profile saline implants under the muscle. I'd sometime in the future also want my implant size reduced but for... READ MORE

What is the Truth About the Benelli Lift/areola Reduction? Does It Make Areola Stretch More?

Every surgeon says something different. I'd like to know if the areola stretch or become larger or not after a benelli lift/areola reduction. Some say yes others say no, so... READ MORE

Not Sure What to Do for Revision Liposuction after Mixed Consultations?

I need a 2nd lipo revision on my love handles/lower back cause the 1st revision left me worse than my initial lipo results. many indentations on lower back & unnecessary... READ MORE