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I Am So Scarred.... 6 Weeks Post Fraxel Restore - Spain

I have very sensitive eastarn europe skin, i am 34, i actually was quite happy with my skin except that i had oily skin and visible pores on my cheeks. but I had very firm skin. My doctor mentiond to try this new fantastic treatment. Its now six weeks...and i see my face aged 5 years, the skin is loose with e crepey texture, it has lost all its vitality, fresh and tight look. My former... READ MORE

Questions from litschi25

Will Sauna or Electro Muscle Toner Help Botox Wear Off Sooner?

I had botox 5 days ago, I just wanted a little between the eybrows. She said it has to be a full amount, otherwise it will not work. She did 1 injection in between the eybrows,... READ MORE

What is More Efective for Hipersensitive Skin: Fraxel Restore, Pixel Erbium Yag

I have very sensitive, white reactive skin. I had 1 fraxel restore 1 year ago (15 Jj/ 8 density) and responded very strongly to it, my skin was horrible and loose for 2-3... READ MORE

Fat and Puffy Sculptra - Results or Swelling?

I went to my derm to enhance the cheek below the bone 1 month ago, i stated clearly that i want a subtle change, i have very prominent cheek bones ( I am russian) and I do not... READ MORE

Hate Sculptra Results... Dermatologist Used 2CC in Each Cheek!

I posted before that 1 month after the injection i have huge cheek and temple area and the natural shape of my face has changed (i naturaly have round face with sweet... READ MORE

Swollen Under Eye and Cheek area 6 Weeks After Sculptra

My derm injected me 2cc sulptra as a touch up over a area which was treaded one year ago with sculptra and actually was perfect, he ignored my indications and injected where he... READ MORE

Will I Get Sculptra Nodules or Granulomas 9 weeks After Injection?

I am 9 weeks after sculptra, eye area is still swollen with edema and the area looks white in color. i went to another derm who said both the sculptra was placed to... READ MORE

Square Face and Wider Jaw After Sculptra? What Can I Do?

I had a 1/2 vial sculptra injected 9 days ago in the lateral cheeks and Jawline. I wanted to lift the jawline and achieve a rounder youthfull look or shape, but now my face... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Laser Activate Old Sculptra to Grow?

I had sculptra on my cheekbones and lower cheeks 8 months ago. I always felt it was a too much but I could live with it, 6 weeks ago I had a fraxel treatment (15/8/6) and now... READ MORE

What to Do if Sculptra Was Misplaced? (photo)

6 months ago I asked for filling hollow temples, but the MD injected as well in and under the brow tail, which has totally destroyed my look. you can clearly see the area where... READ MORE

Radiesse in Forehead 18 Days Ago For Hollowing and Dents After Radio Frequency Treatment?

The problem now is that my brows have dropped with a heavy feeling in my brows pushing down creating a tired look and smaler eyes and if I smile the skin bulges on the side.... READ MORE

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My injections where 1,5 year ago and it totally changed my face, I was a good looking woman, now i look ugly, gross and totally different and overfilled. I still feel my face is growing although i lost a lot of weight. I dont feel it... READ COMMENT

Hello everyone, i had my 1st fraxel 2,5 years ago (jan10)if you read my reviews you will see that this experience was very stressful but and there is a big BUT, finally i healed and got very good skin, since that time i did 3 further... READ COMMENT

Ho bowman, my 2nd treatment was very light settings, there fore the damage is light and not as noticable as the 1st time. healing goes quick. My skin looks ok, nothing to worry about, a little bit dry and more stretchy but no severe... READ COMMENT

I sent you a private messge READ COMMENT

What were your settings...i had another fraxel 4 weeks ago, 15/5/2 passes only...and this time I had no adverse reaction...please read my old post and you see that I went throuh the same nighmare, but thabk god my skin finally healed... READ COMMENT