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Fraxel Dual for "Melasma Mustache" - Worked when Other Treatments Didn't

Had third fraxel dual to rid my face of the rest of the melasma that the IPL did not get off. I have tried the other Fraxel's which did not help with the melasma at all, including Fraxel Restore and Repair. I would go so far to say that those prior treatments (including oth READ MORE

Melasma Mustache - 90% Gone

I wanted to let the people suffering from melasma know how well a series of IPL's worked on my melasma mustache. Note, however, the series of treatments requires patience as the melasma does not start to break up and really disappear until after about six treatments. My melasma mustache is about 90% gone as is the rest of it on my face. I will continue with another two or so treatments b READ MORE

Re:pair Thus Far Not Worth It (Three Months Have Passed)

I too have tried all of the Fraxels.  None of offered much improvement. Thus far, three months have passed since I have done the latest Fraxel -- Fraxel Re:Pair.  I have seen little to no improvement in acne scars, wrinkles and tightening.  I have been told that it can take three to six months to see improvement, but I really doubt it at this time. I have been taken, but... READ MORE

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When Will I See Fraxel Re:Pair Results for Wrinkles or Scars?

I'm 46-years-old and have had many laser surgeries. I've had CO2, Cooltouch, Thermage, Fraxel ReStore, etc. My acne scars have improved over the years, however I've had more... READ MORE

Nevus Mole Raised After Shaving.

Raised nevus mole shaved 1 1/2 weeks ago. Had no color as pigment removed via laser years ago. Area clearly shaved as I cannot see any resmaining mole, just RAISED red mark. Is... READ MORE

Nevus Shaved 2 Months Ago, Will The Indentation and Brown Color Fade With Time?

In 1994, I had all of a nevus's (on face) color removed via numerous laser treatments. 2 mos. ago, I had the raised (now colorless) portion of the nevus shaved off. Now... READ MORE

I had Juvaderm about two months ago. Why is the side of my face totally flattened, looking hollow?

This is not the first time that one side (the same side) has gotten significantly flatter than the other. I have had acne scars on that side that are also difficult to fill and... READ MORE

Subcision and filler: Two weeks ago, I had subscision on my cheeks.

Then two days ago, I went to a different doctor and he injected filler. I didn't think he was going to inject into my cheeks and when he did, I figured okay he knows what he's... READ MORE

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Try Roy Geronemus or Dr. Bernstein in New York City. They are the gurus and I totlly trust them. I had a birth mark that is gone due to them. It tooks a lot of laser treatments but ultimately worked. The number if 212-686-7306. READ COMMENT

He's very expensive, but there's a doctor out here who I met once (he was fine but didn't have the Dual), who also has an office in BOca Raton. I couldn't post his link (this site would not let me), but if you look for... READ COMMENT

No - sorry. I don't want to post my picture. However, it is substantially better with the use of the Dual Fraxel than any other treatment I have tried. READ COMMENT

I've done 5 Fraxel dual treatments and most of the melasma is gone. A bit of the melasma mustached is still there but I'm not freaked out over the way it looks. I have the 6th treatment in December. According to the doctor, if during... READ COMMENT

THe IPL helped, but not entirely. THe Fraxel Dual laser is helping the most. I have had 3 so far, but still have some melasma left (mostly the mustache) -- it's not THAT bad, but not perfect yet. As for acne scars, Fraxel did not... READ COMMENT