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3 Days After Tummy Tuck

I had my surgury on Friday April 9. It is Monday evening 3 days after and I am having a hard time sitting on a chair and I especially have a hard time getting up. Since Friday I have slept on our recliner couch as I don't dare lie down. The first 2 days my husband would help me get up with a housecoat belt under my armpits but today I had to get up alone and it took me 45 minutes because ... READ MORE

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I am now almost 4 months past my tummy tuck and thank God the iching stopped after a few weeks. After reading some of the reviews that it is still iching after 3 years I was scared. The iching passed by 3 months and I am sleeping so... READ COMMENT

Hey Miz.Liberty. You are right I am finding everyone is healing at different rates. Since I am probably older than you (51) I found it to be difficult and I am now 17 days post op and still tire during the day. Hopefully you can have... READ COMMENT

Ontario, since you are over 2 weeks ahead of me you sound much happier with your results than me. I am still finding that the above and below my scar it is swollen but not a soft swollen but hard. Did you have this problem and did... READ COMMENT

I picked up Vit E ointment to rub on for the iching but it's still ichy, especially at night, it wakes me up and I get worried about scratching the stiches. I was told it's a good thing it means healing. I will try and find the... READ COMMENT

Hey Chickenlady, I am at day 13 today and I am so much better than last week. I was truly in regret last week of the way I was feeling. I am still tired as I wake up 3-4 times a night but I have been in my bed 6 nights now and it's so... READ COMMENT