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This is so common. Black will never heal to look black. it will always develop a haze. this is because your skin cells which grow OVER it are not translucent.. but rather they cast their own color which buffers/filters the black ink.... READ COMMENT

Yes you can wash your face after cosmetic tattooing. Apply cleanser to damp washcloth and cleanse face avoiding the tattoo. Rinse in same manner; washcloth to avoid splashing tattoo. READ COMMENT

Absolutely Ditto! Disclosure..transparancy..sincerity and truthfullness. That's why we call it a cosmetic tattoo, because that's what it is. Even with fading over the years, it is regarded and should be regarded by honorable... READ COMMENT

LiZa here. First understand that all color will fade. Your car, carpet, clothing, etc., anything that has color added to it will fade over time. Not all blacks fade to blue, some fade to green and some to gray. There are many variables... READ COMMENT

Hmmm..I am hoping they were not supposed to be 'black'. Black brows do not generally look good. But if you were expecting a dark brown and have red what that says to me is that you are probably seeing erythema (abnormal redness of the... READ COMMENT