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Rescue Mission - Eye

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Eyelid Surgery

18 Aug 2017, Created 1 month ago

John J. Martin, Jr., MD

5 out of 5 stars

The eyes are supposed to be the doorway to the heart revealing the emotions of the soul. After my previous surgery mishap, I was not only ashamed to show the visible outside disfigurement, but also my inner fear, sadness, and disgust which superficially seems ridiculously vain in the scheme of life. I struggled with this for two years with the first six months hiding from the public. I... READ MORE

Still Have Jowls, Just Have Huge Scars to Add to Them Now

Went to Turkey to tighten my turkey neck. Neck looks better, but still have jowls, don't look any younger per say and have to huge scar underneath chin and behind ears after 8 months. So disappointed. So much pain, so much money, so little satisfaction. READ MORE

Questions from 7667anon

2 weeks after upper-blepharoplasty incisions haven't healed enough to remove the stitches. Why? Could body reject thread?(Photo)

Bled too much during surgery, (not a drinker, smoker, no blood thinning vit. supplements for 2 wks before surgery, never had this problem, not diabetic). Had upper... READ MORE

19 days post blepharoplasty, 1 eye now w/ ptosis, stitches removed 18th day, little skin healing. (Photo)

Form has a character limit so could not b4 explain. Always slept on back, head elevated, locked in place with circle pillow. Diet: high protein, high vit. K, bromelain, zinc,... READ MORE

Ptosis direct result of Upper Blepharoplasty 5 wks ago. How soon can I correct? This is a follow-up question. (photo)

Sep. 25th (5wks) had upper blepharoplasty. Severe bleeding. Dr. said didn’t see septum during surgery in left eye which now has ptosis. Ultrasound shows no hematoma. I... READ MORE

Ptosis result of upper blepharoplasty nearly 5 mos. ago. Now want correction. Surgeons here use only local, I want IV. (photo)

Will using IV light sedation yield a greater chance for error or less symmetry? Supposed ptosis correction specialist here in Warsaw, Poland seemed surprised and worried that I... READ MORE

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I did that, and it had no effect. but i'm glad it helped you. READ COMMENT

This was me years ago. I tried every soap, topical medicine, anti-inflammatory injections changed diets, spent thousands of dollars on products and doctors and cried even more tears. But nothing fixed this for me, but accutane. I wasted... READ COMMENT

From my experience the rippling gets worse. as time goes on. I'm not happy with this surgeon. On the plus side, you can do things to help mask the rippling with lipofilling into the breast. you're very brave. make sure to drink white... READ COMMENT

Not good! unacceptable. why is this happening? READ COMMENT

OMG! I'm soo sorry! How devastating. Every person's nightmare. Can you go to another surgeon for reconstruction? I am wishing you good luck. Please share this with the world so you can get extra help, advice and support. Thank you. READ COMMENT