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Treatment Review

46 year old giving up on XEOMON


22 Mar 2017, Created 3 months ago

I have had multiple treatments with XEOMIN in the past and was never fully satisfied because I barely saw any results. I thought maybe my doctor wasn't using enough units but she assured me that the amount she was using was already above "average" and she wouldn't recommend any more. I recently... READ MORE

Treatment Review

Love Hydrafacials


13 Mar 2017, Created 3 months ago

Hydrafacial is a great treatment that always makes my face look and feel great for a few days. For long lasting results one would have to get them once a week or so and they are way too costly for that. I get one whenever my dermatologist runs a special for $ 100. I guess typically they run... READ MORE

45 Year Old Gets First Microlaser Peel. San Marcos, TX

I had my first microlaser peel performed today at 15 microns which is not very strong. 10 is the lowest level according to my dermatologist. The procedure itself took about 30 minutes and the although it did hurt some the pain was tolerable overall. However, after I was done my face felt like it was on fire. It burnt so bad. Describing it like a bad sun burn doesn't quite cut it. It's a lot... READ MORE

Home Treatment - Austin, TX

I have had all kinds of different chemical peels performed by professionals and they are of course super expensive. At the end I was really disappointed because I expected to see more results for this much money. However, glycolic acid peels are really an important part of skin care regimen. I know do them myself. Unless you have very sensitive skin you can very easily and safely do a peel... READ MORE

Waste of Time and Money - Austin, TX

After I had a liposuction done at Sonobello I was lured into purchasing a package of 8 Venus Freeze treatments to enhance the results. I was unhappy with my liposuction and they offered me 3 complementary treatments with Venus Freeze, however, mentioned that I wouldn't see any results until after at least 4 treatments. Very smart move by Sonobello I have to admit. I only received 10... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Austin, TX

I have been contemplating about getting this kind of procedure for years. The reasons that kept me from doing it where a) cost and b) I am not really fat, I am a size 6. So I know I am not fat, I am healthy, I am fit, but I have/had a big stomach and love handles. I always had the feeling that my abdomen did not fit the rest of my body and no matter how hard I trained or watched my diet that... READ MORE

Looks and Feels Great - Texas

I had it done together with a facial and I must say I am very pleased with the result. My skin looks and feels great. There was no pain at all, just a little suction on the skin. Can highly recommend it. READ MORE

Totally worth it - Texas

Had my whitening done today and I see significant results. I have naturally white teeth and didn't expect them to get much whiter. But yes they did! And how they did! They look white as snow. I didn't feel any discomfort at all, no pain, no burning of lips or anything. I think the lady who did my zoom whitening did a good job isolating everything around my teeth. I have had many... READ MORE

Horrible Result with Chin Reduction

I totally regret my chin reduction. It looks worse than before, with a very elongated looking face, pointy chin. Horrible. I could cry every time I look in the mirror.I trusted my doctor because he had done my "nose-job" two years ago and it turned out to be good. This time I feel like he really messed up. He said the surgery was much less complicated than the nose job and I admit... READ MORE

Big Decision, but Final Result Was Good

I had mine done about 2 years ago and I had an excellent doctor. The result was good, I can definitely see a difference when I look at myself now and at some pictures from a few years ago. Yet, the result was not that dramatic that people asked "Did you have a nose job done?" They may have noticed a difference back then but couldn't tell what it was, I think this is exactly how READ MORE

Questions from SilviaTX

Bad Chin Reduction Results

I had my chin reduction done one week ago and I am totally unhappy with the result. This was nothing I expected at all. It looks like my doctor shaved off too much bone from... READ MORE

Can I Do a Salicylic Acid Peel at Home?

I have had Vitalize, Jessner, Vi and even TCA peels done at a skin care clinic and handled them quite well. Although the TCA was tough, painful and very scary looking for at... READ MORE

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I think your skin looked amazing after the peel. How strong was the peel you used? I understand the problem with the underdeveloped wrinkles. I am dealing with that too and have not found anything that could help. You can put the peel... READ COMMENT

Hi, sorry I forgot to post the picture of the finals results. Well, my face looked really nice after the healing get was complete. I had rosy looking skin and smaller pores, but the new look lasted only for about 2 weeks. After that I... READ COMMENT

Yes the scar has faded quite a bit. It doesn't bother me anymore. I think he could have tightened the skin a little more. It's still sort of "saggy" but this may also be a side effect of aging now. I don't know anymore. The results were... READ COMMENT

I have been doing the peels for a few months now but unfortunately I don't have any before/after pictures. However, today I had a microlaser peel performed at my dermatologist. I will write a separate review for that with before/after... READ COMMENT

Well I must say that I can barely tell a difference. There might be a subtle difference and it looks okay as long as I don't smile. I hate smiling in pictures because it makes my chin look really "pointy". The shaved off part of the... READ COMMENT