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52 Years Old Confused About Liposcution. Walnut Creek, CA

I am a regular weight 52 yrs who ate health and worked out moderately. However, I have a apple shaped body which accumulated fate in the back, flanks, upper belly and lower belly. So basically i wanted lipo to be done on the torso. I had the lipo yesterday and today doctor removed my bandages. He mentioned that he took out 1700 cc of liquid, with 1400 being fat. When he removed the... READ MORE

50 Yrs Old - Healthy Weight but Did Cool Sculpting to Loose Fat Around the Core - Pleasanton, CA

I was well within the healthy body weight for my height but did cool sculpting a year ago, in my upper abdomen (twice), lower abdomen and waist, in order to loose inches around the core. I did lose some fat in the belly area immediately but in 6 months, there was no real difference. I work out a lot and eat healthy and did not stop this after cool sculpting. My physician told me that the... READ MORE

Questions from shant

Need Advice on Reversing Juvederm Nightmare?

Instead of injecting juvderm in he nasolabial fold, for some reason she loaded it next to it making my face puffy and my eye circles prominent. I would like to reverse it... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Keloid Scar? (photo)

I have a keloid scar in arm due to burn 9 mnths ago. I still have hyperpigmentation in this area (its fading with hydroquinone) but the raised keloid scar is the main issue. I... READ MORE

Pain during the cool sculpting process lasting for a long time ( with the large applicator on lower abdomen).What to do?a

When suction was applied on my abdomen, I was told pain usually lasts for about 5 mintutes and then gets better but I had bad pain for 30 minutes and then became tolerable but... READ MORE

How can I treat Hyperpigmentation and scar on chest and arms caused by second degree burns? (photos)

The burn occurred 2012. I tried IPL. It did not work. I've been using hydroquinone + Retinoid and it has faded the pigmentation to some extent. I have posted before and now... READ MORE

Will Lipo work for me? (photos)

I am around 50, and work out frequently, but still can't lose belly fat. It's more of a struggle as I get older. I like to get a smaller waistline and a better shape. From the... READ MORE

Sudden increase in pain two weeks after liposuction - is this normal?

I had liposuction on my abdomen two weeks ago. Yesterday I had my second ultrasound massage. Previously, the pain was decreasing, but it has increased twofold after the... READ MORE

Maybe my lower teeth has been over corrected after wearing invisalign for 3 years. How do I correct this? (Photos)

I wore braces for 2 yrs for overbite The past 1 yr, I wear retainers only at night. I'm happy with my smile,.but I think lower teeth went in too much (asked to wear invisalign... READ MORE

Best treatment for brown spot, age spot or sun spot (not sure) in brown Indian (asian) skin. (photo)

I have brown Indian skin and trying to find out how to remove these brown spots under one of the eyes (left). I am thinking they are sun spots because of left side is more... READ MORE

Female with Androgenetic Alopecia - will I be a good candidate for Hair Transplant? (photos)

I am a 50yr old female who has had hair thinning in the crown, since the past 15 years. I've been taking spironolactone - but there is still some loss, which I can mostly cover... READ MORE

Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Bay Area, CA

I have been wearing invisalign for 2 years but in the end I notice that my lower teeth has gone inside more than necessary and hence my lower lip looks collapsed while at rest.... READ MORE

I have Invisalign but lower teeth were overcorrected with lower lip collapse

I had invisalign for the past 3 years for overbite,,and I find that my bottom teeth has gone in a lot - resulting in a collapsed look (my lower lip just collapses without any... READ MORE

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juvederm injected in the wrong place

This is the most horrible experience I've had with a cosmetic physician. I went there for a filler and she was supposed to inject juvaderm in the naso labial crease but instead... READ MORE

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What you have is more like melasma and not dark spots... I have dark spots and it is difficult to remove with obagi I think. READ COMMENT

I am in my early fifty. I have dark spots under my eye (only left) and I used blender with retina a and did not work. Is the obagi "clear" a better option? READ COMMENT

Thanks you so much for this information. How long did it take you start going out? How long for the pain to go? READ COMMENT

There must be a process to get it revised, If he promised to take out fat in a particular area and it is still there . then he need to revise it . READ COMMENT

Which Dr did you use. The price you mentioned seems less compared to the one I was quoted in walnut creek. READ COMMENT