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Questions from Petewill

Heat after fillers... How long before filler sets? Plus, are my cheeks even? (Photo)

I went to the hairdresser and as he was blow drying my hair a lot of prolonged heat and steam went directly on my cheeks. It's been 1.5 week since my treatment (1 vial of... READ MORE

Will filler in temples (eg. voluma) improve eye sagging and will it stretch out and make forehead pores seem smaller? (photo)

Hi I have had voluma in cheeks and very happy with the effect. I have noticed my forehead is my most aged part (i.e. texture: visible pores and thin skin) - my problem is not... READ MORE

Is there any truth that Botox started early is preventative? (photos)

I recently had (1 syringe voluma) temple filler which I had hoped would fill out my brow and lift my brows a touch. I don't think it's made any difference to be honest but my... READ MORE

Will Voluma lift eye bag or should I get tear trough filler? If so, which filler is best under eye? (Photo)

One side eye bag bothers me, wondering if voluma can be placed to lift it or whether tear trough filling necessary. Very scared of tt so if possible would rather avoid it! READ MORE

Can crying affect filler?

I had Volift on Monday, on Wednesday I got into a heated family row - screaming and crying and then sobbing for days. I feel like my face looks dreadful and I'm wondering if... READ MORE

I'm not thrilled with my results, should I get a rhinoplasty revision? (Photos)

My nose was very big and crooked before surgery but I feel it is still quite big especially the bulbous tip. I'm not sure anything can be done though as I certainly want to... READ MORE

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WOW You don't look a day over 39 - at most! So natural and pretty! I just had voluma today and I too have naturally high cheek bones, I also got 1 vial (but I'm 20 years younger than you haha oh sad) I hope mine turns out as good :D