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How Long Does It Take to See Chin Implant Final Results?

I had an chin implant done three months ago and it does not look normal. It might be too small and makes my cheeks stick out and make me look like a chipmunk. I also had lipo... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with the Results of my Surgery. Should I Go Back to the Same Surgeon?

My nose is short and stubby still and it has been 41/2 months. My chin is so horrible. It's crooked and I don't believe the right size was placed. And my cheeks I had asked for... READ MORE

Can a Nose That Had Rhinoplasty and Was Made Shorter Be Made Long Again?

I had a rhinoplasty done and was not provide with what I had requested. I wanted a slimmer pointier nose and now I have a short stub of a nose. It looks really horrible and my... READ MORE

Should the Doctor Have Known What Size Chin Implant to Place on Me?

I had a chin implant and it went really bad. The size is definitely not correct and the doctor is know finally agreeing with me. Shouldn't he have known what size to place on... READ MORE

Why Did my Surgeon Choose to Do Lipo Verses Buccal Fat Removal?

My cheeks were chubby and i wanted them slimmer. After my research I asked for a buccal fat removal and my surgeon suggested lipo and performed lipo instead. why? is it suppose... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Swollen and my Face Keeps Changing on Me?

I had my eyes done, nose, chin and lipo on my cheeks. It has been 5 months already and i am still swollen and my face keeps changing. Is this normal? When will I be able to... READ MORE

When Will I See Final Results from Rhinoplasty?

It has already been 5 month. At first I looked like I had a pig nose. Now it looks like a pumpkin nose, short nose and wide nostrils. I had requested a slimmer pointier nose.... READ MORE

How to Fix Chin Implant That's the Wrong Size?

Wasn't my doctor suppose to measure my chin before providing me with a chin implant? My friend recommended her doctor out in Argentina. I worked with him via online (e-mails)... READ MORE

Can I Get Nose, Chin and Cheeks Worked on at the Same Time?

I had surgery 6 months ago and it was a disaster so I am needing to get the surgeries rectified. It is my nose and chin. I am interested in buccal fat removal and I was... READ MORE

Face Feels Stiff and Unnatural After Facial Plastic Surgery

Will I ever get my smile and facial expressions back? I had surgery six months ago (eyes, nose, chin and lipo on cheeks) and I do not have the same smile or facial expressions.... READ MORE

Why Do I Look More Swollen 6 Months After Vaser Lipo on Cheeks?

I had VASER lipo on my cheeks and I still look swollen and feel tingly. Why am I still swollen? When will it go away. Why do I feel tingly sometimes? Also, I still can't... READ MORE

How Do I Know What Chin Implant is Right for Me?

I had a doctor place a chin implant on me and it is so wrong. I cannot believe he even stitched me up knowing it was not going to look right. I have to get it fixed and I would... READ MORE

Is It Bad to Have Too Many Rhinoplasty Surgeries?

I have already had two. The first was strictly for a deviated septum. The second was for aesthetics but it went really bad. I need to get it fixed. Is it going to be a problem? READ MORE

How Should I Go About Finding the Right Doctor for Chin/nose Revision?

I need to get revision surgery for chin and nose. I had this done in Argentina and I live in NY now. How can I find a good surgeon? READ MORE

Should I Do Buccal Fat Removal at the Same Time As Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Revisions?

I have to get a nose and chin revision and I wanted buccal fat removal as well as i feel my cheeks are too big. Can I do this all at the same time? How long would all this... READ MORE

Why Are Doctors Against Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

I have such fat round cheeks. All my life I have been made fun of. I had Vaser LIpo on my cheeks and I still feel i need buccal fat removal. I look like a bulldog. I have a... READ MORE

Do I Need a Specialized Doctor for a Chin Implant and Buccal Fat Removal?

I had a chin implant place and it is not looking natural at all. Should all surgeons know about chin implants are do I need someone who specializes in chin implants? Is buccal... READ MORE

Is a Chin Implant Revision Very Difficult?

I had a chin implant done in Argentina 7 months ago. I am wanting a revision. I went to a doctor here in NY and he stated it is a difficult procedure and he wants an x-ray to... READ MORE

Does a Doctor Need to See Previous Medical Records Before Performing a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I saw a doctor here in NY who charged me $250 for a 10 minute consultation and provided me with no hope. He said my nose was bad and that he would need to get the previous... READ MORE

Are Doctors Overseas That Bad to Work With?

I had a bad experience with surgery in Argentina. The doctor was great with me but his work wasn't. I am trying to get revision done here in NY and have gone for 2... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty After 7 Months?

I've spoken to many doctors and most have said to wait at least a year. Yesterday I saw one of the most famous doctor here in NY and he said that he could perform surgery... READ MORE

Do I Have to Wait a Year if I Am Adding Cartilage to my Nose?

I had rhinoplasty 7 month ago and my nose was made too small (short). I am now wanting it made a bit longer so cartilage needs to be added. Must I wait a year? If not, how soon... READ MORE

Should I Wait to Do Buccal Fat Removal After a Revision Nose and Chin Implant?

I will be doing a revision rhinoplasty as well as a revision chin implant. I want buccal fat removal as well but the doctor is strongly suggesting I do the buccal fat removal... READ MORE

How Much for Buccal Fat Removal Here in NY?

How much would it be for buccal fat removal here in NY. Also, will the results be pretty much the same in regards to the doctor that performs the surgery. Isn't it the same... READ MORE

New York Doctor Recommendations

I am trying to find a good doctor here in New York and I went to two of the best doctors(New Yorker Magazine) and did not feel comfortable with them. One wanted me to make a... READ MORE

Not Happy with my Blepharoplasty. Is There Anything I Can Do?

My eyes where almond shaped before I kinda resembled an asian person. Now my eyes around too round. Is there anything I can do? READ MORE

My Nose is Too Short Can It Be Made Longer?

I had a rhinoplasty and my nose is now too short. It looks so horrible and unnatural. It has been 8 months already and still too short and horrible. Is there anyway I can have... READ MORE

Does Chin Molding Exists?

I need to have a chin revision done and this one doctor said that he will have a molding of my chin for the chin implant plus the changes we want to make. I never heard of this... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Vs Otolaryngologist: Who is Better Qualified?

A plastic surgeon who works on the whole body or an Otolaryngologist (ear,nose,throat) doctor who focuses on the nose? With my surgery I am looking to do revision rhino and... READ MORE

Is an american surgeon better than a brazilian surgeon?

I am needing a revision rhinoplasty and I have been referred to a brazilian doctor in brazil by a friend of mine who is a doctor. He has a private clinic with his father as... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Use Packing of the Nose and Others Don't?

I've had surgery on my nose and had packing. I am needing a revision rhinoplasty and this doctor is stating he does not need to pack my nose. That this does not need to be... READ MORE

Is a Sculpted Chin Implant Better?

I am in need of a revision chin implant and the doctor I might work with is stating that my chin will be very easy to take care of as he will mold,sculpt my chin implant to my... READ MORE

Do Doctors from Different Countries Have Different Results Due to Their Culture?

Does a doctor from America, europe and South America have the same results when it comes to surgery? Is there a formula all doctors follow for certain procedures? I have to do... READ MORE

When You Do Buccal Fat Removal is It the Same Results with Different Doctors?

I am confused because I am not sure if the doctor chooses how much to withdraw or if its one whole piece of fat that is removed. So in general would the results be the same if... READ MORE

Does Having Buccal Fat Removal Make You Seem Like You've Had Plastic Surgery?

I know most doctors are against it but I've had 3 doctors tell me yes cause I guess they see the chubbiness in my cheeks that I have. I am being told that it will help... READ MORE

How to Have Surgery and Still Look Natural?

Why is it that you can tell when someone has had surgery? Is there a way to avoid looking as if you had work done? Does it have to do with the surgeon? READ MORE

Post-op Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant and Bleph - Will I Ever Get my Facial Expressions and Smile Back?

I had a rhinoplasty, chin implant and my eyes done. I finally have my face expressions back but my smile is not the same anymore. Will I ever smile the same again? That was my... READ MORE

Why Do I Look Tired After Surgery?

After surgery I look so tired all the time. Its been 9 months already? Is this normal? What happenend? READ MORE

After Surgery, Why Can I Tell when the Weather is About to Change?

After surgery I can feel when the weather changes. I had rhinoplasty and chin implant. My face feels different when the weather changes. Especially when it going to rain or its... READ MORE

After Blepharoplasty - How Long Before my Eyes Start to Look More Natural?

After my Blepharoplasty my eyes look so wide open and the shape of my eyes have changed it seems. How long before my eyes get to look more natural? Will I ever get my shape... READ MORE

Can I Have Revision Rhinoplasty After 9 Months?

The Chief of the Nose Group of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine which is the biggest medical school in South America is telling me that I am ok to under go... READ MORE

Is It Easy to Get Rid of a Piggish, Bulbous Nose?

I had what one would say a strong nose. It was a long elegant nose. I wanted it slimmer and ended up getting a short, bulbous, piggish looking nose. Because my nose was made a... READ MORE

Is a South American Doctor More Qualified?

I read on the internet that South American doctors are more advanced than american or european doctors. Why would that be? I know that in SA culture it is so normal to have... READ MORE

What to Do After Bad Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Surgery?

I had a doctor in Argentina who is the doctor for the Argentinian football team provide me with a rhinoplasty and chin implant. I was referred by a friend who comes from one of... READ MORE

How Did I Go from a Strong Nose to a Weak Nose? Can It Be Revised?

I had a long, elegant nose and I was just wanting it to be a bit slimmer. I had rhinoplasty and ended up with a short, piggish, stubby, bulbous nose. I now look so horrible and... READ MORE

Is It Always Possible to Do a Revision Chin Implant?

My previous chin implant was not done correctly. It looks weird and it is not properly placed. It has been 9 months and it moves all over the place. My doctor is saying he... READ MORE

Why Might a Doctor Not Want to Use Ear or Rib Cartilage?

I am going for a revision rhinoplasty and my doctor is telling me the best he can do if I have enough cartilage in my nose. He is against ear or rib cartilage as he states the... READ MORE

Can You Choose the Amount of Buccal Fat That You Remove?

One cheek is bigger than the other. My doctor is saying he can remove more from the bigger cheek. Is that right? Also, the doctor is able to choose how much buccal fat to... READ MORE

When Getting a Chin Implant is It Better to Do Incision Via the Mouth or Under the Chin?

What are the pros and cons for both? Why would one doctor choose outside chin and another inside mouth. If you had a chin implant via an incision under the chin and you need to... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Crooked Nose After a Revision Rhinoplasty?

I finally had a revision rhinoplasty and the experience with the cast on was perfectly fine. No pain, no bruises, breathing was ok, and no drips. Very different from first.... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Your Chin to Look Unnatural After a Chin Implant?

This is the second time I have a chin implant. The 1st time right away I felt it looked extremely unnatural and the doctor kept telling me it will look natural in time. Nine... READ MORE

Why Silicone Instead of Rib Cartilage for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Had a revision rhinoplasty and he said he could not use ear cartilage because it wasn't strong enough so he went with some silicone. Why did he choose silicone verses rib... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Chin to Be Completely Numb?

I had revision chin implant but this time he did it via my the inside of my mouth. It's been over a week and my lip is still tingling and my chin is completely numb. I am... READ MORE

Will my Nose Stay Crooked?

Had rhinoplasty and my nose is swollen and crooked. Is this normal? Why is this happening? When will it go away? READ MORE

If the Chin is Not Looking Right Can the Doctor Redo-it Again Right Away?

It seems the implant could have been put wrong incorrectly. Can the doctor fix it right away? Or must we wait some time? Does he need to put me to sleep or just numb me? Am I... READ MORE

Post-op Chin Implant - Am I Going to Be Able to Speak Properly? When?

I had revision chin implant surgery but this doctor did it via the inside of my mouth. I preferred when it was done from under my chin. I am not speaking properly. It's... READ MORE

How Many Revision Surgeries Can I Have?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and revision chin implant. It has only been two weeks and I definitely look better than previously but I am just curious to know how many revision... READ MORE

What's the Downside of Having a Thin Nose?

I wanted a longer and thinner nose but my doctor said that having a thin nose is bad in the long run. He said I would have problems down the road. That it would change... READ MORE

What Are the Negative Effects of Having a Chin Implant Via the Inside of Your Mouth?

Is it a bad thing to have a chin implant placed via the inside of your mouth? Is the healing worse than if you did it via the outside? Would you recommend in or out? Which is... READ MORE

I had two chin implants and I am not happy. Can I just have it removed?

I had two chin implants and I am not happy. Can I just have it removed? What is the negatives of having it removed? READ MORE

Was I a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

I had a receding chin and had a chin implant six weeks ago. My profile looks great but when i look in the mirror it doesn't look right. The chin implant has altered my face... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before a Chin Implant Removal?

I am realizing that I might not be a candidate for a chin implant. I had a receding chin and I had a chin implant. It is now 6 weeks and my profile is good but I look as if I... READ MORE

What Are the Consequences of Having my Chin Implant Removed?

I had a revision implant because the first one was not placed properly and it looked like I had an egg on the bottom of my face. My second doctor was just going to remove it... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Chin Implant Looking Unnatural?

I have a receding chin and had a chin implant. It does not look natural. Profile is good but the frontal view looks as if I have an egg/bump at the bottom of my face. Some... READ MORE

Nose - Would You Have Used Silicone?

I had to undergo a revision rhinoplasty as my first doctor basically left me with no nose. I have no septum or cartilage left. The doctor who did the revision chose to use... READ MORE

When Do You Know Whether or Not You Are Going to Be Happy with Your Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and I still find it piggish and bulbous. Is it going to get better or is this what I should be expecting. I see before and after... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See the Results of Buccal Fat Removal?

I had buccal fat removal 5 weeks ago but I do not see a difference. Is this normal? Am I swollen? When will I see the results? I also had rhinoplasty and chin implant. READ MORE

Will my Eyes Ever Look the Same Again After Blepharoplasty?

I went for a rhinoplasty consultation and the doctor said I should consider doing a blepharoplasty because like an asian person I did not have a fold. I had it done and my eyes... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Exposed Nostrils?

Before rhinoplasty I had a long, strong nose. I was looking to have a more slimmer nose and a bit more of projection on the tip. I ended up with a short, stubby nose with... READ MORE

How is a Nose Made Longer?

I had an attractive long nose and just wanted it a bit slimmer and ended up with a short, stubby, piggish, bulbous nose. I am told I have no septum or cartilage left. What does... READ MORE

How is the Front of a Nose Made More Defined?

How do you make a nose more defined? Does it have anything to do with the septum? READ MORE

Does One Usually Have to Make Other Corrections to Have a Chin Implant Look Right?

I had a chin implant six weeks ago and my profile is much better. However from the front it is a bit unnatural as you have my chin kinda sticking out and then my cheeks even... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Face Look Slimmer?

I have a really round face and really fat chubby cheeks. I am 39yrs old and had buccal fat removal 2 months ago. I don't see any change. Can I have more removed? Can I have... READ MORE

How Long Do I Have to Wait to See the Final Results of a Chin Implant?

How long do I have to wait to see the final results of a chin implant? READ MORE

Chin Implant Removal from Under Chin if Placed Through Mouth?

I've had a revision surgery and this time it was done via the inside of my mouth which is the worse experience. If I ever had to remove the implant would I be able to do it... READ MORE

Is It Possible I Could Have Been Sewn Incorrectly After a Chin Implant Via the Inside?

I had the chin implant via the inside of my mouth and it feels really weird. It has been 6 weeks already and I speak differently kinda of with a lisp. It feels as if I was sewn... READ MORE

Does a Chin Implant Really Take Up to a Year to Heal?

I had my third chin implant. The first one was just not right. The second implant another doctor placed wrong again and a week later did surgery on me again and this time... READ MORE

Will Two Rhinoplasty Surgeries Within a Week Make Me Scar?

I had a closed septoplasty back in Sept of 2007 that changed my nose. Jan of 2010 I had a rhinoplasty and my nose was destroyed. Made really short and looked piggish with... READ MORE

What Should a Chin Augmentation Consultation Be Like?

When one goes for a chin augmentation what should that consultation be like to make sure you are getting the correct chin implant to fit your face? READ MORE

My Chin is Still Numb 7 Months after a revision chin implant is This Normal?

I am still numb and it feels so weirs still after 7 months. This was a revision chin implant and it was done via the inside of my mouth which I feel is so horrible compared to... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for 3rd Revision Rhinoplasty in New York

I have had three rhinoplasties. The first doctor left me almost with no nose and the other two surgeries were to try correct it. My nose does look better but it is still too... READ MORE

Will I Ever Have my Smile and Face Expressions Back Again?

I had revision rhinoplasty and revision chin implant seven months ago. I do not smile or have the face expressions I had before. I look so horrible and bloated kinda. Is this... READ MORE

How Do I Report a Doctor from Overseas?

This is not something that I am very comfortable with but I had the worst experience of my life and after seeing this doctor had to have 3 additional surgeries to fix wha he... READ MORE

What Do I Do if I Have a Pinched Nerve After a Chin Implant?

I had a chin revision and it's been seven months. i am still numb and i feel as if I have the chin implant pinching a nerve. If this is the case how long can I stay like... READ MORE

How Does a Doctor Determine if a Chin Implant Has to Be Removed?

Can a doctor just tell by looking or feeling it or is an x-ray required or some kinda scan? READ MORE

Which Exam Shall I Do in Order to Know What is Wrong with my Chin Implant?

I had a revision chin implant and I now have two pockets. One should be contracting and disappearing according to my doctor. The other pocket is where the implant was placed.... READ MORE

Is my Body Rejecting the Silicone in my Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty last October and two months later I acquired this blob inside the left nostril. The doctor said it would go away. Nine months later I still have... READ MORE

Is It Difficult to Remove Silicone from Your Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and silicone was used it seems I might have an infection. I have a blob full of puss on the left side of my nostril and its been there for about 7... READ MORE

Why Can't They Get my Chin Implant Right?

I've had two different doctors provide me with a chin implant and both times it did not look right. Why is this happening? How does a doctor know what implant should be... READ MORE

Do I Wait or Have the Implant Remove As Soon As Possible?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and silicone was placed in my nose now causing me to have an infection. Its been 9 months since surgery however i've had the infection for... READ MORE

How Much Cortisone Can One Get?

I had 3 rhinoplasty in a two year period. Long story but the last doctor that I am with now finally got it right. I hope. I had after the first 2 surgeries a horrible short... READ MORE