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had lower lid revision on the tenth of february 2017 by Dr Guy Massry

I am hoping that my doctor that I have chosen will be able to repair the experimental work of my previous has been the 2 year mark since the original surgery that left me looking so strange .this doctor was too embarrassed to admit what he had done to cause the inner can thus to lift in and up .I am hoping though that since the statute of limitations will expire in 3 more... READ MORE

Dr Carlo Rob Bernardino - Monterey, CA

I have consulted with doctor bernadino 3 times in reference to revisional surgery to correct a blepharoplasty performed by a cosmetic surgeon in guadalajara. Although Dr Bernadino suggested it would be difficult to repair my upper eyelids to the heighth of normal asian anatomy at this time,that it would be best to repair the obviously deformed lower lids. Every day when i look at my... READ MORE

dr fernando guerrosantos

I am having a face lift and asian eyelid surgery in 6 days in guadalajara mexico. i am petrified,but i have done a lot of research and some of the finest plastic surgeons in the worls are in guadalajara so here i go i am 52 years old and i want to look the best that i can look at my age and be competitive in the work force. i am half asian and my eyes are very unique it is going to... READ MORE

Questions from colleensmail

Divot After Glabellar. Post Face, Neck, Upper and Lower Bleph? (photo)

Ok so now i have a big divot in the middle of my forehead. my fat graft has traveled and is no longer in that area. is there some procedure i can do to fill in the divot right... READ MORE

11 Days After Revision Lower Blepharoplasty/canthopexy...right Eye Very Misshapen and Ectropin?

Will i need yet another revision. there was too much fat taken out in right eye only and i worry that in trying to overcorrect the eye with the canthopexy and skin removal i... READ MORE

I Have Had a Revisional Lower Blepharoplasty 3 and a Half Months Ago? (photo)

I have a very strange overcorrection in the right eye especially,and bumps and lumps,along with the incision seeming to open up on the right eye. i tried to talk to my doctor... READ MORE

My Eyes Are Twice As Small After Revisional Under Eye Blepharoplasty. I Am So Depressed. I Wrote my Doctor About It? (photo)

I need help.I can't count on anyone.I have had basically no aftercare.even if I could gobto someone and they gave me any adbice I would do it.but I don't have anyone to. turn... READ MORE

Eyes Half As Small? (photo)

Hello,i had an under eye bleph with skin pinch 7 months eyes are very round and very small now. is there any way i can get them larger and back to the original shape? i... READ MORE

How To Make My Eyes Normal Sized Again?

I had a2 pripor surgeries.1 in mexico where i looked great except for extra skin and lumps under eyes.then went to an occuplastic surgeon here to have the skin and bags... READ MORE

I had a lower blepharoplasty and now my eyes are small. Is there anything that can be done? (photo)

I had a lower blepharoplasty and now my eyes are freakishly there anything that can be done....or undone in my case...i still dont know exactly what caused this...... READ MORE

Lower lid catastrophe lower lid surgery only changed my eyes...twice as small? (photo)

An occuplastic surgeon operated on my lower eyelids smooth some extra skin. he ruined my beautiful eys.i look so strange .he told me it is not repairable...i have... READ MORE

Will very agressive massage help stretch overly tightened eyes? i will devote a lot of effort and time if it will help

Eyes made very small with lower eyelid lift.did have big asian eyes. now lifted to high and small READ MORE

Lower lid only bleph with skin pinch lower lid pulled up high, I look strange now it has been 7 months is it irreparable?

Is there any way to repair my lower lids and bring them back to the big beautiful eyes i had pre lower eyelid lift?the black and white photos are the ones my doctor who did the... READ MORE

Is lower bleph to my eyes repairable? Will I ever look the way I used to. Revisional surgery? (photo)

Can anyone help me? A specialist? i went to an occuplastic surgeon to see about having a lower bleph and skin pinch to smooth out fat pads under my eyes,nothing soon as... READ MORE

Fix my undereye bleph. Can anyone fix this? Able to look like I used to? Will time resolve this? (photo)

Been 8 months. Life is falling apart now,no one recognizes sad.can this be fixed...occuplastic surgeon treated my lower bleph like insurance case for graves disease or... READ MORE

Lower bleph gone wrong...can it be repaired?

Lower bleph gone wrong,i dont know what doc did.can it be repaired.eyes twice as small.looks strang,features look two big for face now,all natural beauty gone READ MORE

Repairing lower lids. Pulled up too high. Made eyes small and strange first photos before lower lid. Last 2 are after?

Is there any way to repair my lower lids and bring them back to the big beautiful eyes i had pre lower eyelid lift?the black and white photos are the ones my doctor who did the... READ MORE

Unnecessary canthal surgery? Tarsal strip procedure? Skin flap? (photo)

My occuplastic surgeon did something to my lower lids only and has never told me exactly what he did to make me look this way...he operated only on the lower lids to take some... READ MORE

I had a lower lid lift feb 19th 2013, can I reverse the procedure? (photo)

I had a lower lid lift and the results are disastrous my surgeon is unresponsive and unwilling to share exactly the procedures he performed on me. my eyes look totally strange.... READ MORE

can epicanthal surgery be repaired to make eyes large again? (photos)

My lower eyelift had bad performed some kind of epicanthal surgery,looks strange and eyes are there a surgery to improve this outcome....???here is a... READ MORE

Can my lower lids be repaired back to the natural curve and what he did to make my lower lids this way? (photo)

I had lower lid surgery a year and a half ago and now look so strange and ugly. the optometrist refuses to say what he did to cause this.could it have been a lid shortening... READ MORE

Medial canthal repair back down to normal level before surgery he lifted up the skin and the medial canthus

I had a doctor who was supposed to reposition the fat pads under my eyes but instead he took all of the fat from under my eyes leaving me with a completely hollowed socket and ... READ MORE

What has happened here? Doctor wont tell me. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

Doctor was supposed to do fat repositioning only,but as i woke up on the table he told me he was going to sew up the inside of my eyes so it wouldnt (look funny)then when i... READ MORE

What could the doctor have possibly done to my eyes? (photos)

What could he have done to cause the medial part of my eyes to look like this?has anyone ever seen anything like this?the inner corners of my eyes are short.can this be repaired? READ MORE

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I Had a Lower Bleph with Skin Pinch? (photo)

Doctor overcorrected procedure and left me with eyes half the size.they used to be my best feature please advise... realistically can anything be done or am i resigned to... READ MORE

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I dont believe this review....he did a horrible experimental,life altering surgery on my lower lids and completely destroyed my beauty. He would not admit what he had done and falsified his medical reports. READ COMMENT

Cmon,who really writes like that?the author? READ COMMENT

Signed,the wife or the staff READ COMMENT

Geez,wheres the pictures? READ COMMENT

Yes i am,it was not an easy surgery and will take some time,but that Doctor Massry,he is such a good gifted man...i am feeling better and better every day.for a fix that was virtuously impossible ,he has done a fantastic job so far....i... READ COMMENT