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ENT Doctor or Plastic Surgeon to Repair Broken Nose?

My daughter broke her nose today playing softball. She had nose surgery when she was 16 and now she is 40. She could use some modification on her previous surgery as well as... READ MORE

Can a neck lift and lower face lift be performed safely under Local? I have 2 DVTs and Sleep Apnea. (photos)

First DVT 20 years ago, botched Plastic Surgery - General. Was hospitalized 1 week with Heparin. Afterwards put on study as low risk patient on blood thinner for 6 weeks.... READ MORE

I need something drastically done to even out my face. Would injections help? (Photo)

Embarrassed the two sides of my face are so different. Would injections help? I cannot go under General. Bad nose job in 1974. Four surgeries later, the nose was OK. Doctor... READ MORE

History of DVT'S from 2 surgeries years ago, can a Mid Face Lift be performed under Local, and who does it in the Midwest?

Had brow and eye surgery 15 years ago, that went bad (4 hours). Stitches did not heal for weeks. While in hospital to treat DVT, he had to come back and restitch the area... READ MORE

Replacement for String Lift procedure with dissolving stitches. Any knowledge?

I have heard of a Doctor that does a new procedure which appears to be like the String Lift where the stitches dissolve after about 2 years. Are you aware of this? READ MORE

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Los Algodones Baja California, at the border near Yuma, AZ, is known for inexpensive and excellent dental work. By chance, I just visited with a Dentist today (Feb. 22, 17) about that very idea. Based upon what may have to happen to... READ COMMENT

Late getting in, but you look absolutely amazing. I recently spent half as much getting a liquid facelift and I would give it a 5 on a scale of 10. I know your journey was difficult from reading your bog, but I would say, wonderful... READ COMMENT

I am so happy for you. I was worried for you when you said he was doing your brow lift above your eye brows, I was convinced to do that as well and it came out horrifying!!! Now, I know I should have sued very quickly as yours came... READ COMMENT

Does he use general anesthetic? READ COMMENT

I am going to Costa Rica on the 13th on a Cruise and wish I was going for the reason you are. I am very envious and wish I cod do the same. I very much want to flow your adventure. Thank you for sharing your story. Many of us feel the... READ COMMENT