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Canthoplasty to Fix Uneven Eyes?

I am considering getting some surgeries in two areas that bother me a lot. My concerns are: (1) My eyes are uneven. I have big eyes, which people say are attractive, but... READ MORE

Misaligned Jaw - Will Insurance Cover Surgery?

I was considering going for a consultation for orthognathic surgery. My bottom jaw is not aligned with the top. WHen I look in the mirror or smile, it looks like my jaw is... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of a Scar After Birthmark Excision?

I had a cafe au lait birthmark excised. After taking the stitches out the doctor gave me TNS Recovery Complex (face cream derived from foreksin of circumcised babies) to put on... READ MORE

Is Hydrelle Dangerous?

My mother (62) and myself (31) had fillers done yesterday. I had my usual Radiesse done. The doctor recommended that she gets Hydrelle and it sound good in the office. However,... READ MORE

Trimming Nose Hair After Alarplasty Surgery-how Soon Can I?

I am planning on having alarplasty to reduce my nostril size. I have rapid growth (so embarassing) of nose hair and was wondering how soon can I trim after the surgery? READ MORE

Can Restylane Be Used to Enhance the Cheekbones?

I wanted to try Restylane for the cheekbone area to make them more prominent. I know Juvederm and Radiesse can do it. I just want to know if Restylane is ok for that part of... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Milia on the Cheeks and Under the Eyes??

I am using a tretinoin cream but it is not helping. I can't even wear makeup because it makes them more obvious and this is really affecting my self-esteem. What can a... READ MORE