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My eye look deformed too me and others one eye shaped like it spooks..its li oval..doesnt close a;ll the way and i get xtremley bad headache an dpain...also d crease is very high...i dont know how to put pictures her to show pliz le me... READ COMMENT

Im with u on this i had a poor eyelid job too and trying to get it fixed READ COMMENT

Well i have the same problem after a ptosis repair it made my eyes worse specailly my left ihave the same problem as u...i have talked to the dr ihad this procedure done back june its been 9 months and no improvemnets..i was wondering... READ COMMENT

Well i had ptosis surgery my left eye has a different shape from my right eye i also have a doble crease nor does my eye close all the way...the dr just gives me the run around..i ahve been like in prison in my home for for 10 months i... READ COMMENT