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Thank you for your detailed story. I am loving it, as I wait the seven more weeks until my surgery. READ COMMENT

I had it done about 4 years ago. :) Anyways, good luck with all your stuff. I'm going to just have a mini facelift in a few years, at least that's the current plan. READ COMMENT

Huh! Well I guess we're all different. Or maybe it did something just not what I was expecting. That's what the doctor said. I never noticed lax skin around my jawline until the Dr. pointed it out and suggested Ultherapy. I got it... READ COMMENT

I have had three dot therapy treatments on my face, neck and chest. I used to have bad acne scarring on my face; I don't anymore. I have a few spots that are still there but otherwise my skin is pretty smooth. I also lost most of the... READ COMMENT

It stimulates collagen deep in your skin, which takes months to show. It is much deeper than a layer of skin flaking off. I see that your procedure was over 18 months ago, I'm wondering if it's gotten any better since them. I hope so! READ COMMENT