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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Houston, Texas?

I see lots of recs. for Dr Gunter in Dallas and would be willing to travel but would prefer to stay in Houston. Any recommendations for the best primary rhinoplasty surgeon in ... READ MORE

Any Recommendations for Botox Doctor in Houston, Texas?

I'm seriously considering Botox (after scaring myself with all the horror stories on this board!)--I'll just take my chances! Can you recommend anyone in the Houston Tx area... READ MORE

Experienced Botox Injector - Even if Not a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon?

Do you think an MD (previously Family Practitioner) who had devoted their practice solely to medical aesthetics, and who administers Botox regularly, would be a good choice for... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty--Seems Like a Lot of People Regret Having This Procedure

Do you think thats because more dissatisfied patients review to "warn' others? It makes me wonder how often people are truly happy with the outcome, before reading... READ MORE

When Choosing Rhinoplasty Surgeon, How Many Rhinoplasties Per Year Is Ideal for a Reputable Surgeon?

Its always recommended that a prospective surgeon is asked how many Rhinoplasty procedures he carries out in a year--but what is a "good" answer? 100 surgeries?... READ MORE

After Upper Blepharoplasty, What Artificial Tears Would You Recommend?

....which brand of artificial tears would anyone recommend (if you can)--also--are preservative free best? Thanks READ MORE

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Recs. for Houston Surgeon

Anyone have any recs. for a Rhinoplasty specialist in Houston Texas? Thanks READ MORE

Glasses and Rhinoplasty!

Any tips for foolproof ways of "taping" glasses so that they dont rest on the nose during healing? Or any tips at all for glasses wearers--thanks. READ MORE

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Thanks for replying--its hard to know who to go to! Good to know that it doesn't always have to be a PS to get good work. Thanks READ COMMENT

Hi LoriB I know its been a while--but do you still recommend Dermatouchrn? Also your eye surgery looks great. Thanks READ COMMENT

You look great--what a good result. did you use anything to keep the scars moist-or artificial tears for longer than the first couple of weeks? Thanks READ COMMENT

Thanks--good luck with healing READ COMMENT

Regarding icing--what did you find worked best? soft gel ice-packs or the gloves? Also--you don't ice over the cast , right? Just in the eye/cheek area--thanks for any info READ COMMENT