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So Far So Good! - Beverly Hills, CA

I just had a revision with Dr. Frankel and while it hasn't been that long, I am already very pleased with my nose and it is a huge improvement over my primary results. I have the typical swelling that is to be expected at this point and I hope that as everything settles down, I will only like it more. I feel far less self-conscious of my nose this early on than I did with my primary at any... READ MORE

On to a Revision...primary Was Very Poorly Done - Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I chose a pair of surgeons in LA to do my primary. I ended up with a very conspicuous graft that must be removed, a retracted columella and retracted nostrils. I will now have to have a revision that will take at least 3.5-6 hours in the OR and cost upwards of $11,000. I had a primary with this doctor a couple of years ago. I ended up with a retracted columella because my cartilages... READ MORE

Questions from kricket88

Does High Superior Tension Abdominoplasty Reduce Risk of Necrosis?

In regards to High Superior tension abdominoplasty, from a leyman's perspective, it seems that this is the preferable technique for abdominoplasty to avoid complications like... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know when a Partial Abdominoplasty is Indicated and What Are the Benefits?

I am having abdominoplasty this year as I have loose skin and need a muscle repair after several pregnancies. My surgeon recommended a partial abdominoplasty for me as my loose... READ MORE

How Do Other Patience Make the Decision Between Saline and Cohesive Gel Implants?

Hello, I am having a breast lift and would like my saline implants exchanged at the same time as I've had them for 16 years. I was attracted to the idea of cohesive gel for... READ MORE

How Much of a Limiting Factor is Very Little Loose Skin Above the Belly Button in Having a Full Tummy Tuck?

Hello, my plastic surgeon said that he would be hesitant to do a full tummy tuck on me because my skin is quite taut above the belly button and the only real loose skin is... READ MORE

1-week Post-op Rhino Nose Looks Wider and More Shapeless Than Before. Is This Gross Swelling?

I am one week post-op. My nose looks quite wide and shapeless, almost neanderthal looking. I feel like it looks worse than before! I know logically that it should eventually... READ MORE

Notch Inside Nose at Bottom of Nostril After Rhinoplasty

Hello, I had a primary rhinoplasty 10 days ago and have a question about the bottom of my nostril. When I was cleaning out my nose with saline yesterday, I noticed that inside... READ MORE

I Have a Soft, Depressed Area Below on my Bridge. What's Up with That? (photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. I did not notice a bump on my bridge before but now, on profile view, I feel a soft depression right below where the bony part of my... READ MORE

Can a Saddling Issue Be Corrected at 9-10 Months Rather Than Waiting a Full Year?

I am about 1month out from a primary rhinoplasty. My concern is that I have a ridge along my bridge where the bony part ends and what I feel is a depression just below that... READ MORE

How Soon After a Primary Would You Know if Your Nose Might Be Saddling?

I have a definite ledge where the bony part of my upper nose meets the middle vault. It is palpable as well as visible. It distorts the look of my bridge as it does not look... READ MORE

How Difficult is It to Smooth out a Bumpy Dorsum Due to a Bony Callous?

I know that all rhinoplasty revisions are complicated but, in that context, how difficult would it be to smooth out a bumpy dorsum? It seems I may have developed a bony callous... READ MORE

Please Tell Me What Issue Might Be Causing This Bump After my Primary? (photo)

Hello, I am 5 months post op. I was hoping you could shed some light on why I might be having the issues I am. FYI, no bridge issues previously,went in for crooked tip and... READ MORE

Surgeon Would Like to Remove a Little Bit More Skin from my Breasts. How Risky Is This and Is it Worth It?

I just saw my surgeon for my 6 mod follow up. I had a breast lift (lollipop incision) as well as my implants replaced. I am happy with the size and positioning and I actually... READ MORE

Which Alar Base Reduction Methods Maintains Most Natural Nostril Curve?

Hello, what method of alar base reduction maintains the most natural nostril curve with the lowest risk of retraction or a notched look? Thanks! READ MORE

Tongue and Groove Technique for Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a primary where the tongue and groove technique was used. This left me with a retracted columella, a flat infra-tip lobule, and the curve of my upper lip has been... READ MORE

What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Private Surgical Facilities?

Hello, I am curious about the benefits or drawbacks of private surgical facilities. I know that they must be accredited but is the protocol for hygiene and sterilization more... READ MORE

Why isn't fascia used more routinely in thin-skinned revision patients?

I have had a revision rhinoplasty and I have thin skin. So far the healing hasn't revealed any irregularities but I do worry about the long term results and the shrink-wrapping... READ MORE

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I didn't do the minor revision. Since I think it is not too noticeable, I am waiting for a while to address it. I don't feel that people can really notice it though both Dr. F and I agreed that it should be dealt with at some point, so... READ COMMENT

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