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How to Avoid Sculptra Bumps?

I had Sculptra injected under my eyes yesterday.  Is there anything I can do to ensure no bumps will form?  If they do, is therea way to get rid of them? READ MORE

Are Sculptra Bumps Permanent?

I have bumps under both eyes, with a lot of granulomas. Are these permanent, or is there any treatment that might help dissolve/minimize them? READ MORE

Sculptra Granuloma Excising

Sculptra was injected under my eyes July 2008. Multiple pea-sized granulomas, very visible, formed right away. The Doctor says "there's nothing I can do for you." Does anyone... READ MORE

Sculptra Nodules Under Eyes - Looking for Colorado Sculptra Expert

July 2008 I had Sculptra injected under my eyes. Visible nodules developed within 3 weeks, though I massaged as instructed. They are still visible, I look like I have double... READ MORE