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Firmer, Thicker, Younger Looking Skin :-) - Cologne, Germany

Hi, I had a vampire facelift around my eyes, the nose and temple area once, and a second time in combination with a fat injection, so the fat injections swelling would be gone faster. The first treatment with only the blood cells worked to give my skin a firmer, thicker, more youthful, less dry look, and made the complexion loo better and reduced brown spots where the cells were... READ MORE

Bioalcamid - the Pros and Cons - Germany

Hello, 5 or 6 years ago I had bioalcamid, to let my face seem wider at the back of my jaw bones. I was happy with the product, especially with the low cost of the treatment (1000 Eur is about 1400 $), and the long duration of the good look it gave me. Up until 10 days ago everything was great, but then one side of my jaw started to develop some kind of hard nodule, which rose... READ MORE

Questions from Gina-38

Can One Use Restylane to Top off an Area Where Bioalcamid Was Put?

Hi I had some bioalcamid many years ago to accentuate my jaw angles. After about 7 years or so most of the material was removed from one side, due to infection. Is it possible... READ MORE

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Dr. Thomas Haffner, in Cologne, Germany, READ COMMENT

The treatment reduced the dark spots of acne, but to get rid of them I used a mesotherapy against dark spots. About kelloid scars: I heard the treatment reduces them, but I did not try that. Hope the info helps you :-) READ COMMENT

Hi, yes, I especiallly like the combo of fat- Acr Prp (Dracula therapy) :-) About the time between the treatments I had: There was quite a long time between the treatments. I did one acr prp treatment in 2009 as a normal treatment,... READ COMMENT

I am alright concerning the infection, but do not dare to have any touch ups in that area, as I fear a possible infection, if I come near this area with hyaluronic acid or any kind of filler. Gina38 READ COMMENT

Err... regardless of what your doctor says there are more then 47000 results that come up if you google the words "aquamid" and "infection". Maybe all the people telling others of their aquamid sufferings are just lying. But somehow... READ COMMENT