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Voluma...... - New York

I had Voluma injected under the eyes to reduce hollowness. Unfortunately the result is much less than desired. There is very slight improvement but not worth the cost and pain. BTW, I have had Sculptra injections for the cheek are in the past, and at same time as Voluma injection and am quite happy with that product. One last thing the bruising lasted a good week, and I normally heal fast. READ MORE

Sculptura for Cheek Hollowing (Late 40s Male)

I am a male in my late 40s with serious hollowing in my cheeks, I had the injection (one vial p/cheek) performed by my doctor approximately 10 days ago. The procedural experience was fine, I experienced no bruising but noticeable swelling which actually looked great! But my Dr. explained that it was temporary swelling and that in about 14 days I would look like my old self again (she was... READ MORE

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Five month post update. The Voluma has made a small improvement. But the bad news is on the ineffectiveness of Sculptra. I had this product injected twice before and once the initial puffiness caused by added liquid disappeared, the... READ COMMENT

Sorry I did not take any pictures. I listened to the advice of the plastic surgeon that performed the injection. READ COMMENT

UPDATE 3 WEEKS POST 3rd TREATMENT: I waited three weeks to post since during the last (2nd) treatment I noticed some deflating between 2nd and 3rd weeks. I am happy with the results, I still have the marionett smile lines, but the... READ COMMENT

1861 anon: I honestly can't see why your doctor would even accept to inject a filler at such a young age!!! As Randall651 correctly points out the injections need to be at least 2 1/2 to 3 months apart. Sorry to say your doctor was out... READ COMMENT

Jules, I appreciate your advice, which is on the money. I have seen slight improvement after my second injections....My complaint was (is) that doctors must inform patiants in advance that multiple procedures are an absolute must. READ COMMENT