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How Much Will Eyelid Relax After Lower Blepharoplasty Revision?

I had a lower bleph Aug 08 w/slight retraction in one eye. Also too much fat was taken out of both eyes. Had fat grafting back in April 09. I like the results but it did not... READ MORE

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Julie C. The doctor who did the revision was Dr. Sam Goldberger in Beverly Hills/Fullerton (he has two offices). The doctor who did the fat grafting was Dr. Lam in Dallas (I lived in Dallas at the time, I now live in CA). The... READ COMMENT

I'm not Gizmo but I had my revision surgery 28 days ago today. The reason your eye is retracting most likely is because of scar tissue, you need to break up the scar tissue. My oculoplastic surgeon had to release the scar tissue from... READ COMMENT

Also something I forgot to tell you is that using too many steroid drops can cause cataracts and glaucoma. Some people are "steroid responders" and the pressure in their eyes can really shoot up fast (glaucoma). To get cataracts... READ COMMENT

I forgot to mention in my previous post that there is a site I went to that has a message board for dry eye. It is full of information about dry eye. What works for one person might not work for the next. The site is Dry Eye Zone Talk... READ COMMENT

I have been through a lot with dry eye after my lower bleph back in aug 2008. I use gen-teal gel at night and Systane (the preservative-free vials) during the day, also keep them in the fridge, it really feels good when they are cold. ... READ COMMENT