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Treatment Review

Juvederm on sides of nose and mouth


11 Jan 2017, Created 5 months ago

I had juvederm on sides of the nose & mouth. Dr. Karolak is great and his staff is too. I always feel so comfortable there. I've had this before, its not painful - a few areas are more sensitive than others. I had mild swelling when I got home, but barely noticeable to anyone except... READ MORE

Doctor Review

Excellent Doctor, Awesome Staff

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11 Jan 2017, Created 5 months ago

Mark Karolak, DO, FAOCO

5 out of 5 stars

Excellent doctor, awesome staff, always very satisfied with my treatment, great bedside manner, answers all questions, addressed all concerns, never feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr. Karolak and his staff. READ MORE

Doctor Review

Awesome and Skilled Doctor

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Fractional Laser

6 Jan 2017, Created 5 months ago

Mark Karolak, DO, FAOCO

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Karolak is very down-to-earth, friendly, greets you with a big smile & is VERY skilled. I've had various procedures done by Dr. K to "preserve and maintain" a healthy, natural look. Nothing surgical Yet, but I'm seriously considering it and I trust his expertise. The staff is equally awesome, friendly and they seem to pull together very nicely as a team. 10 +stars ! READ MORE

Thermi Tight on Lower Face & Neck 55-60 yr old

I have pretty good skin tone but past 2 years noticed some loss of elasticity and laxity. Saw a prestigious plastic surgeon who suggested a face lift. Then I saw another Dr who also thought a face lift because he said my expectations were too high and ThermiTight wouldn't give me immediate results that I wanted. Third opinion plastic surgeon told me to try ThermiTight and said that my... READ MORE

Went for Filler & Told I Need a Face Lift - Livingston, NJ

I've always had 1 syringe of filler. Saw Dr Spiro and he injected 2 syringes and told me I need a face lift and some other treatments. I woke up the next morning looking as if someone punched me in the face I think he used way too much filler. Maybe 1-1/2 syringes would be ok (have me pay for the 2) and save the rest for a touch up (like some doctors offer to do) READ MORE

18 Mos Post Ultherapy Going for 2nd Treatment - Wayne, NJ

This is my opinion on my results then read the rest of my post for a little history and detail. I had it done 18 mos ago when I turned 57 yrs old -sorry no photos - II deleted after 6 mos bc I had to take computer jn for service. Very minimal noticeable results However Very IMPORTANT observation : The most positive effect is that it stops further aging in the area treated. You DO... READ MORE


I had IPL done at the same time as the Titan Laser.  The cost for the IPL was about $350 The doctor put a cold numbing cream on me and I didn't feel anything - just a painless "shock".  However, she zapped part of my lip by accident and I felt that and it hurt all day. My reason was that I had this done was I have enlarged pores, broken blood vessels around my nose and a... READ MORE

Questions from jazzing jersey

ThermiTight, is the swelling normal?

My doctor said I would only be swollena few days. I'm Reading review of a woman who had lower face done & said she was swollen for months ! I'm READ MORE

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Did you have drains ? I too have had a pouch thanks to 3 abdominal surgeries. I feel this is my last 1/4 of my life and why not go for it but I'm wondering if it is worth it. READ COMMENT

I am sorry but don't see much of a difference in your photos. Maybe still too early. Update us please ! READ COMMENT

It's two yrs now. No improvement in lower jowls BUT profile view and I have not waddle beneath my neck. $6k ? Is it worth it ? Not really READ COMMENT

I'm sorry you are experiencing this. Doesn't sound like something I'd venture into after reading this. Can these threads be removed? Then consider a partial lower far life ? READ COMMENT

Are you pleased ? The full face photos - are before or after ? READ COMMENT