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Restylane Injections Under Eyes Made my Overall Appearance Worse! - Fayetteville, GA

Pros: - Under eye circle was(slightly) lightened under my left eye. If my doctor had proceeded like I had wished him to, both eyes probably would have lightened. -Hollowed area under left eye looked fuller. Again, if my doctor had proceeded like I had wanted him to, the areas under both eyes would have looked fuller. - Injections in the nasolabial folds (I got this as well for bot READ MORE

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@CC899 According to one of the doctors that I had a consultation with, you should never receive injections under the eyes at all anyway. I suppose the doctor that you went to was after your money and couldn't be concerned about your... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. I can definitely feel your pain. It's so funny how one expert will tell you you only need one syringe or half a syringe while another "expert" will suggest two whole syringes. No matter... READ COMMENT

That is so strange. Why did he only put it under one eye? That makes no sense whatsoever. Thanks for the advice. :) READ COMMENT

Jessie, there has been no improvement for me so far. It's very unfortunate. A different surgeons have recommended arnica and hydroquinone but I'm not so sure if those are going to be of any help. Thanks for asking and I'm sorry to hear... READ COMMENT

Hello and thank your for responding to my review. The first doctor turned me down because he: - Claimed that he didn't see anything wrong. - Felt that I needed to see a therapist for poor body issues - Convinced me to see an... READ COMMENT