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WOW!!! Anon that bad! I can gain 5 lbs. in one sitting, yet alone a vacation or holiday. I modified the HCG diet and am taking off the weight. But, I was hoping that the Smart Lipo MPX would take off the back rolls and tighten it... READ COMMENT

To mommaszoo, How much fat did they remove? Are you still continuing to lose weight during your 5 days pos-opp...or have you gained a little water weight? Did they give you water pill? Sound like everything is working out great for... READ COMMENT

To lobaluz. Sound like you are one of the lucky ones. I would make the doctor take care of all of your medical bills to cover your burn. You will need antibiotics & you will need ointments. After it heals you will need IPL... READ COMMENT

I live in Katy TX. Was this a Med-Spa or a Dermatalogist? Sure like to know who it is. I was severely burned at Youthful Essence, which has gone out of business. I've had 17K worth of reconstructive surgery. Still I am looking for... READ COMMENT

Amanda I had it to the jowels and he scraped under my chin, which he should not have. I didn't have any fat. So now I'm saggy even after a neck lift. I was burned 5 times and caught on fire. I've been almost 3 yrs now on the mends,... READ COMMENT