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Face pulled down after neck lift - is it possible?

The platysma muscle sheet rises up over the mandible & inserts near the corners of the mouth, so it seems possible that overtightening could cause this. Among other... READ MORE

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Hi westsidegirl, sorry to hear you're not happy with Mr Zide's work. Yes he uses metal screw fixation to reattach the mentalis muscle origins back in their normal position on the bone just below the lower lip. Its a very reliable method... READ COMMENT

Dear annonymous8, Thats a good question. I posted this so that surgeons might answer that question. Sadly, as you can see, I'm still waiting for a response! What has happened to you? Is your face pulled down after surgery? READ COMMENT

Why don't you put up a review and post your own photos so we can see the results? You say you're extremely happy... then share your own personal experience and show us how good a result he achieved with you! This review is about... READ COMMENT

I'm really sorry to hear about the significant functional complications you have arisen from your surgery. There seems to be a myth in plastic surgery that there's nothing they can do to the 'superficial' tissues of the neck that can... READ COMMENT

Addition: I found the following articles which support that it is possible for the face to be affected and possibly pulled down neck tightening and look forward to discussion by surgeons in this subject because it seems rather important... READ COMMENT