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Planning for Butt Implants and Fat Grafting BBL - Austin, TX

I'm Nervous. I'm getting all my ducks in order. I need to be able to rest. heal and take care of myself and my body, I'm not a newbie to plastic surgery I have most of it all figured out however this is gonna be the 1st time im doing it laying on my belly... Im a back sleeper. wish me luck!!!!!!!!!! Im super excited and Nervous. READ MORE

Consultation review - My Experience with Doctor Revis. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I Read about Dr Revis on another website, Heard he could potentially. Fix my Symmastia I contacted him online sent him pictures of everything. He told me not a problem. We set up an appointment for me to to see him. Everything was going fine till I told him that I was assigned the male gender at birth he didn't know till I brought it up. HE told me he runs a conservative practice he doesn't do... READ MORE

Internal Bra, Alloderm - La Mesa, CA

I live in Texas, I flew in for a consultation in San Deigo after making several calls and emails. I decided to take the plunge. I researched him UP and DOWN. Nothing but good results. Even the bad ones he even offered to fix for free!! (He told me if anything goes wrong with mine Ill only have to pay for the materials) THATS ALL YOU CAN EVER ASK FOR, if you think somone should do more than... READ MORE

Internal Bra Lift - Houston, TX

March 12th was my surgery date. So I have very thin skin and tissue. So this was the 2nd Revision I had with Moliver. He told me from the start that I would need 2 surgery's. I am 5 Weeks Post Op. The first few weeks where rough. Than again I said that with all my surgery's so I am starting to think I am wimpy. This was to Cure my bottoming out. So far so good. READ MORE

Body Contouring with Vaser lipo & Breast Augmentaion - Houston, TX

My experience with body contouring vaser-lipo. [Please understand this is a review from 2010 - but he still offers the same amazing service how ever Vaser-Lipo was new than just expect your prices to be a bit more] My lifestyle :: Work out daily, don't over eat much. I am 5'9 160's lbs -Pros 1. It got rid of the stubborn belly fat that i cannot get rid of my on my own. 2. Gave me... READ MORE

Day By Day Pics- Symmastia & Bottoming out and Skin/Muscle Detachment Repair - Webster, TX

Sorry for any miss spellings I am on pain medication and its a little hard to focus. I had Symmastia (due to a previous surgeon).... So I heard about Dr Molivers reputation. Online. So I decided to pay him a visit. He has done symmastia repair useing bella derm, before so I choose him. I am currently 1 day Post op. My nipples are a little high but they look like there centering out...... READ MORE

Dr Y messed up my breasts.... they will never be the same.

Well everything whats very nice till the day of the surgery. They left my alone in a room and gave me a xanax to claim my nerves... I was hooked up to an ivy had to use the restroom really badly I remember I tryed yelling for an nurse or some one to help me.. I kept waiting and waiting.... I was about to go on my self... So i got up and I walked my self to the restroom... and... READ MORE

About to Get It Done on my Tummy and Sides

Im a transexual and i store fat in my tummy, i am getting my tummy done and the sides... Very nervous, but hoping for the best. 31st is when it will all be done... look for my updates. I DID IT... I feel no pain,,, and i am skinny!! this is the most amazing thing ever...HE WAS AWLSOME i feel a tiny bit sore. i am so happy about my results... i am swallown but it feel... READ MORE

Questions from Ariana Veri

Symastia Repair: Can It Be Fixed with Perm Sutures with No Alloderm?

I am going back to the PS who did my first surgery. He wants to fix my symmastia by treating it like a "C.C.". he says it will be a 2 hour surgery and he is going to... READ MORE

Model with Symmastia - Can I Pop or Drain my Saline Implant?

I have Symmastia I was going to have my ex surgeon repair it but... I just simply cant trust him. Is there anyway I can pop my implant, and let it heal. I am pretty desperate... READ MORE

How Log After Symmastia Useing Belladerm Till I Can Have Intimate Relations?

I am having Bella-derm to correct my bottoming out and Symmastia. I was wondering how long till I have have intimate relations, Like normal. READ MORE

Very Thin and Tall Girl "Model Build" 5'9 125lbs, Hip and Butt Implants Options at Age 21?

I am having a hard time gaining weight in my hips and butt. I pretty much already mind that I want butt implants. But I've seen pictures of girls with hip implants I like... READ MORE

What is The Worst That Could Happen After Butt Implants? Can They Explode?

So I ruled out fat transfer cause I'm so thin. I want butt implants its hard to find any useful information out there on them... In the news recently this girl's butt... READ MORE

Dents On Top of Saline Implants, Never Seen it This Bad?

There really bad and deep it looks like a under filled bag of saline inside of her breast's. She used to have Old Silicone implants. She has very thin skin and she is... READ MORE

Are Cohesive Gel Buttocks Implants FDA Approved?

Cohesive Gel Buttocks Implants, I Know There Not FDA Approved but I Want Them. I don't want a hard butt, I'm a model very thin. I don't want rubber implants that feel like had.... READ MORE

What is Next for my Breasts? I'm Still Not Happy. (photo)

I've had symmastia repair done twice... my breasts still dont look correct. i dont know what to do.i have gel implants under the muscle had alloderm put in it..... im 23... READ MORE

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People who post only once to rate a doctor.

Just a question that has been bothering me. People who post once, and don't include pictures how do we know its not due to self-rating.  Because it is well know... READ MORE

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Wow.... I can't say I'm surprised by how he acted some plastic surgeons are very unprofessional. So sorry you had this problem. READ COMMENT

500 CC's, I had my boobs Redone because mine bottomed out and i had Symmastia. You might wanna take a look at my journey but I love your Avatar. lol I think that would be my goal Jessica Rabbit READ COMMENT

Oh thats's good I booked my surgery for March 14th. Im nervous lol READ COMMENT

Hey Hun just wanting to see how your feeling. 4 days post op right? READ COMMENT

GOOD LUCK hun your gonna have an amazing result!!! READ COMMENT