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Transconjunctival Lower Bleph with Fat Transfer - Greenbrae, CA

I'm scheduled! I've waited 20+ years to do this. And, of course, now that I've booked it, I'm feeling nervous and scared but also excited. Am I really this vain? Maybe? But after hearing 'you look tired' for so many years when I'm not the least bit tired or seeing pics of that fat under there and airbrushing it out with one app or another, I'm ready! I arrived at 7am and wasn't as nervous... READ MORE

Questions from JessieinSF

I have hereditary under eye bags. I inherited them from my grandmother. I've had them my whole life. Any advice? (photos)

My bags are puffy and dark - but the puffiness is what bothers me most. I look tired when I'm not tired. What type of blepharoplasty is recommended at my age? I doubt fat... READ MORE

Looking for the best facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco Bay Area! Any recommendations? (Photo)

I am going to get a lower blepharoplasty at the end of the summer. Most likely it will be a transconjunctival lower bleph with laser skin resurfacing. I am also considering... READ MORE

Do I need a full facelift? Or can I do a mini lift? If I'm not constantly smiling I look terrible (Photo)

My skin is not wrinkly and I have very few fine lines. My biggest issue is my lower face - I noticed the jowls starting in 2011...and thdn I gained some weight and it's on like... READ MORE

Transconjuctival lower blepharoplasty or transcutaneous? I'd prefer no scar! (Photo)

I've been to two surgeons so far for a consult and I amso ready to do this but want to do it right. Both said transcutaneous which is not what wanted to hear at all. I'm 44 and... READ MORE

Lower bleph healing advice - just scheduled my surgery and want to be prepared! (photo)

I've scheduled my transconjunctival lower bleph (with fat transfer to cheek) for OCTOBER 4th. I would LOVE your advice re: healing. I have a list of Arnica, Bromelian, vitamin... READ MORE

Recent comments from JessieinSF

I need a revision. I had a lower bleph in October 2016 and it didn't last! The fat transfer was good for a couple months and then faded. I now have prominent tear troughs again and look tired STILL. I'm not happy with my result. I never... READ COMMENT

Hey there. As each day goes by I seem to notice the 'old me' returning like the bags are bit by bit moving back in. It's so frustrating. The tear trough/cheek junction is prominent again which really bums me out. I'm scared to do filler... READ COMMENT

Looking lovely!!! READ COMMENT

Yours look so great and are only going to get better and more natural in the next few weeks! I had an outright panic attack when I got mine done! No one warned me that I'd be in for such shock. I also wasn't completely in love with the... READ COMMENT

Isn't it frustrating?? My eyes are definitely MUCH better than they were before but I was hoping for a 'tighter' look. Kind of disappointing... :( But I don't want to go to another surgeon and do it all over again! Ugh. READ COMMENT