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SO Worth It! -Basking Ridge, NJ

I'm 32/yr female 115 pounds and had facial wasting due to weight loss. I had tried other "fillers" but the results were very short term. Sculptra has so far provided the most natural and longest lasting results. My biggest concern was the appearance of my nasolabial folds. The sculptra has plumped my face and almost filled them out completely! I received 2 syringes initally and then 2 follow... READ MORE

Questions from DueDiligence518

Can Anyone Recommend a NJ Surgeon Who Specializes in Nasal Tip Refinement?

I have consulted with a few surgeons but have not found a doc who understands my needs. I've found that many fail to hear what I am looking for. I have a round tip. I am... READ MORE

Possible to Have Rhinoplasty While Patient is Awake?

The thing holding me back is apprehension about anesthesia. I'm terrified to be intubated, and twilight carries its own risks. I read that certain (but few) docs will use... READ MORE

Is There a Lift That Only Involves Cutting Skin?

Im 29 and don't have sagging skin. I like the exotic look of when i have a ponytail and i'd like to permanantly have that (i.e. my eyes are pulled upward and it pulls my cheeks... READ MORE

Possible to Have Lip Lift While Awake?

Is it possible to have lip lift surgery while the patient is awake with just some numbing injections at the site? Also what is the down time. I was hoping to return to work the... READ MORE

Is There a Mini Lift or Procedure That Can Help with my Nasolabial Folds and Loose Skin? (photo)

I'm a 32 year old and I'm really bothered by the appearance of my nasolabial area. My skin has never really been tight (genetic) but I feel like I look much older than I am. I... READ MORE

Looking for Doctors That Perform Surgery to Enhance Exotic Features?

I'm interested in a procedure (mini life or eye lift) to give me tighter skin and a more exotic look. I'm 32 years old and I went 2 consults where the doctors basically told me... READ MORE

Discussions started by DueDiligence518

Is there a surgeon who can offer a similar nasal tip rhino in NYC / NJ?

I read about Beverly Hills Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Francis R. Palmer III's "closed rhinoplasty to reshape the nasal tip." I love Dr. Palmer's approach to... READ MORE

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Hows it going - How is the scar? Can you post another pic? I'm going for mine soon and so scared! READ COMMENT

I'm curious, did you end up getting the perma implants? I've had 1 cc of silikon so far and i'm very pleased with the results... it took a little while for it to build but it fluffed nicely. Youre doc is def ripping you off - i paid... READ COMMENT

I had one treatment in my upper lip and 3 weeks later i have two tiny beads poking through my lip. They are painless, but thank God its inside my mouth so no one can see it... but when i asked the doctor what it was he felt my lip and... READ COMMENT

I also had one treatment and 3 weeks later I see no results... he said you have to give time for the collagen to build and probably have to go back 3 times to get the desired results but its so expensive! READ COMMENT

I guess it depends on where you live.... NY or London READ COMMENT