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Yep got my lovely hubby helping me! Despite having moments of thoughtlessness etc. when the 'chips are down' he has been fab! My kids are 9 & 13 and they have been very understanding of their mother! I am so happy that you love your... READ COMMENT

Had my second surgery on Thursday and much happier with the results already. I am very very sore, bruised and swollen, more than the first op which was only 3 months ago so I was still healing anyway. The whole thing has been very... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for this reply. I was having a particularly 'down day' when I posted my comments! I think I am being realistic just maybe a little impatient! Your reply really really helped. Thanks again. Take care. READ COMMENT

I wish my stomach looked as good as that! Had liposuction on my abdomen (and I thought hips) 6 weeks ago. Now I have huge lumps on my stomach, the top of my hips feel very tight as if there is no fat left at all (horrible burning... READ COMMENT