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2nd Tca Cross Treatment It's Been Almost 2 Weeks and Scars Are Still There Will They Continue to Improve More?

I just had my second treatment of tca cross done, two weeks this Friday I've had more improvement but there still there! will I continue to see improvement and for up to how... READ MORE

Is Tazorac Better Than Retin a Micro for Acne? Im Using 0.04 and After 5 Weeks my Forhead is Covered in Acne All Over?

I am lost of what to do! I have been using retin a micro for 5 weeks and before that I had got rid of my acne on my forehead using obagi clenzeaderm line but it would not get... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on Forehead, Red Veins and Broken Vessesls All Caused by the Sun, What's the Best Treatment?

My forehead isn't one color it's got spots, redness, broken blood vessels, I can't go out in the sun and im using the best sun screen! what treatments can I get that's best for... READ MORE

Tca Cross Solution?

When a Doctor preforms Tca cross does he or she use 100% solution? normally do Doctors dilute the solution with water if 100% READ MORE

Tca Cross Disaster, What Can I Do?

Huge white spot after having tca cross done because the acid got outside the skin? what can I do it's so obvious and brings much more attention to the area! READ MORE

Scar Revision 15 Years Ago, and Now Scar is Back?

I had a scar revision done 15 years ago to cover two huge hole caused by a cyst, I was only 17. I had it done by a plastic surgeon and after all these years the scars are back,... READ MORE

Redness and Bumps All Over Forehead, What Happened?

What has happenend to my forhead? it's a mess redness everywhere and bumps all over? please help! READ MORE

Will it be safe? White spot on chin from TCA burn?

I have a white spot on my chin for 9 months caused bye a tca burn, I assume. I really need a peel and acne laser treatments or blue light, anyways im so scared to do anything... READ MORE

Tca cross done four times and every time my scars turn purple?

Almost like a purple pigment and it takes months and months to fade! why is this happening every time? I stay out of the sun and it still happens! can I get a chemical peel to... READ MORE

white spots all over chin?

I had tca cross done for times and all the scars look amazing but in return almost all the treated areas have turned white and it makes my chin looks awful. in the winter when... READ MORE

Two treatments to improve pitted scars have caused almost 50 white scars on my face! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had tca cross done and micro needling and both treatments done by a dermatologist cause white scars all over my entire forehead and about ten on my chin. Ive considered scar... READ MORE

What is the best treatments for someone who has white spots caused by past treatments?

Would I be at risk doing laser resurfacing/ if I am prone to white spots all over my face what is the difference of profractional and profractional laser resurfacing? I... READ MORE

How long will it take to see results after profractional laser resurfacing?

I had profractional laser resurfacing done 3 weeks ago and my skin and scars look worse than before the procedure. I also had hypopigmention and the spots look whiter will I... READ MORE

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I had six Tca cross treatment's done on my ice pick scars and all of them have turned white permanently. be careful that treatment has ruined my life because now im trying after 2 years to fix the mess it caused and nothing has changed.... READ COMMENT

Using a salicyclic face wash bye obagi and derm said it was ok? I wonder if he's right now the site for retin a micro says different READ COMMENT

Trying to comment internet keeps closing closeing site READ COMMENT

My messages just don't seem to be going through! READ COMMENT

Sorry this site doesn't always send my messages, the doctor is in Oakville and his name is Dr Sheetal Sapra! ive been to him before years ago, he was all about money but he may have changed and he does tca cross, ive already spoke to... READ COMMENT