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39 Yr Old Septorhinoplasty

I've wanted to change my nose ever since i noticed a bump when I hit puberty. In those days I was waif thin and in hind sight I was pretty, although I never thought so at the time. My first boyfriend pointed out that I had a 'Roman nose', and that's where my insecurities started. In recent years I've noticed that my previously pretty front view has become crooked, not terribly but enough that... READ MORE

Almost 39, First Time Botox User - United Kingdom, GB

I've been thinking about having botox for the past year but had to wait as I was still breastfeeding my youngest son. He's been weaned since last August but it took me a while to finally pluck up the courage to do it, I have a couple of lines on my forehead, the one above my right eyebrow is quite deep and I think it makes me look old. Before I went I was really concerned about eyebrow... READ MORE

Questions from Alleena

How can lines above outer brows after Botox be remedied, can further injections cause more problems? (photos)

I had botox on 30.12.13, 7 days on my central forehead barely moves at all but there's an odd wrinkle at the top when I frown, my outer brows are angry looking, the lines above... READ MORE

Forehead botox caused eye wrinkles, will they go away and can they be fixed with botox in eye area? (photo)

I had botox in my forehead 2 1/2 months ago and have developed bad wrinkles around my eyes, I had none before. I now have quite a lot of movement in my forehead so it must be... READ MORE

I have developed wrinkles around my eyes because the Botox pushed my brows down. When will Botox wear off? (photos)

I had my forehead injected initially on 30th Decembe, I had a little more injected on outer forehead to correct angry eyebrows 7th Jan, and a little more only on the left side... READ MORE

What area should I get Botox injected, to fix my lowered brow? (photo)

I had botox in glabular and lateral brow which initially caused 'spock' eyebrows, but after 2 more injections to lateral brow has lowered brow causing eye wrinkles, it's been 3... READ MORE

I got Botox for crows feet yesterday, 25 units each side, is that too much? (photos)

I had botox for crows feet yesterday, in 3 spots around outer eye socket in doses of 5, 10 & 10, with the 5 being at the top. today I've looked it up on real self and some... READ MORE

I have dark lines under my eyes leading into my cheeks. How can I get rid of these dark lines? (photo)

Over the last few months dark lines have appeared under my eyes leading into my cheeks, is there anything I can do to get rid of them? READ MORE

What will I look like immediately after and for the rest of the day/evening after the rhinoplasty cast is removed?

I'm having open septo rhinoplasty on August 7th to correct a deviated septum, remove a dorsal hump and slightly enhance the tip, and I haven't planned to tell anyone that I'm... READ MORE

I had a closed revision 10 days ago and it doesn't look any better than it did before. Is this likely to change? (Photo)

Originally I had a dorsal hump and my tip was leaning due to a deviated septum, over the months a callous developed on one side of the bridge and my tip began pulling to the... READ MORE

Discussions started by Alleena

How long after Septo Rhinoplasty will it be before I look 'normal'?

I'm having a Septo Rhinoplasty on the 7th august 2014 and I'm panicking! I haven't told anyone apart from my husband and I'm hoping no one will notice, can anyone tell me how... READ MORE

Severe nausea 4 days post op

I had my septo rhinoplasty on the 7th, today is the 11th and I've been feelign severely nauseous all day. I haven't actually vomited but the nausea is awful, feels like... READ MORE

Recent comments from Alleena

Yes my suture site is still swollen but congestion is not so bad now, will be 5 was in 2 days. The biggest problem for me now is the bruising, I still have dark marks under my eyes making my tired and old. I was going to have some... READ COMMENT

Me too Agnes, I will never have botox again! Botox isn't a filler though, its' a muscle relaxant. I'm planning on having fillers instead to correct the under eye wrinkles left by the botox :( READ COMMENT

Thanks and I will :) READ COMMENT

Thanks Amina, it doesn't feel amazing but I guess its early days. How are you doing? READ COMMENT

I have bumps too, my surgeon told me it's due to the osteotomy, or breaking of the bones, it's a callous basically which will eventually go down. READ COMMENT