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Hi well i had the co2 i don't know that i see a big deferrents no one has even said anything about how i look. what's this about fat filler my doc asked me about it cause i'm afraid to be cut on and i smake anyway and they can't. how... READ COMMENT

MAN i get this done tomorrow, from what some of these people are saying is scraacing me. i was really hoping this would turn out good for the money i think it should i can't afford to waste money like my friends and family would think,... READ COMMENT

OH girl you got me scared, i go tomorrow.i've been worried ever since i decided to do this, it sure cost alot for it not to work, cause i don't have alot of it.haha i have had some fillers done already i spend alot on that, and now... READ COMMENT

HEY gypsygirl did you do it i go tomorrow i must say i'm nerous i swell really bad anyway every morning when i get up i'm swollen, i've always been that way even when i was young and i bruise easy also. so i'm sure i will be a mess.... READ COMMENT