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Scar Revision NOT - Tampa, FL

Horrid experience. Why? I am convinced the plastic surgeon just did what made him the most money and NOT what would be the most effective. My scar was bound down, but the surface was otherwise smooth thanks in large part to my doing my own peels. But it was horribly bound down. Three times I asked the surgeon DO YOU think this will IMPROVE MY SCAR? Any trained professional would have... READ MORE

Questions from justthefacts

Erbium or CO2 Laser for Tightening Skin, Eliminating Wrinkles?

I am 51 and had very fine crows feet, light brow furrow, otherwise very smooth. (Long-term use of tretinon, glycolic, exfoliate & sunscreen). THEN I had a procedure to... READ MORE

Does Ultrasound Stimulate Production of Collagen?

Does pulsed ultrasound such as that used by physical therapists help stimulate collagen and therefore, improve and tighten skin? READ MORE

Best Order of Procedures: Laser/smoothing then Plumpers/lifts?

What is considered the best order of procedures (if one can afford them all) to have a laser/ or derma planing/ peel, then have fillers or fat grafting procedures for volume?... READ MORE

What Caused Wad of Tissue After Scar Subcision?

I had subcision surgery to two facial trauma scars bound down pretty tight. Now, I still feel a wad of tissue under my skin, still talk stiff, the wad is bigger and harder. The... READ MORE

What to Do for Upper Lip Smile Line?

I noticed this a few years ago and it drives me crazy. When I smile, now I have a smile line on the skin above my upper lip. I don't know what that area is called, between... READ MORE

Searching for Good Scar Revision Surgeon for Bound Down Scars

I had surgery in Nov. 2009. It was all to be done from inside the mouth, but two small incisions 3-4 mm were outside in the nasal labial folds. Seeking a surgeon who can revise... READ MORE

Best Injectable for Filling the Temple / Lifting the Brow Area?

Hello I notice that if a filler is used at the point of the temple and also more upward, toward the end of the eyebrow, that can give a sort of brow lift. Which filler would be... READ MORE

Best Laser for a Hypertropic Scar with Discoloration?

Greetings: I have a surgical scar. There also is some darker discoloration. I have become so confused though, with all the different lasers. Which do you recommend would be... READ MORE

Subcision for Bound Down Scars - Best Done by a Dermatologist?

Hello I have two bound down scars that I feel certain would benefit from subcision. It is adhered to the tissue beneath, and because the scar is in an area of a lot of... READ MORE

Loose Skin Under Lower Lip

Desperate for answers to a tough problem: how to deal with loose skin below my lower lip. The tissue there was stretched out by a huge graft, big as a cigar. It was painful and... READ MORE

Will Ultrasound Help Soften Scar Tissue?

Will ultrasound (as used by Physical Therapists) help soften scar tissue? As in a hypertropic or surgical scar? If so how often is good to use it? READ MORE

Best Filler to Freshen the Peri-Orbital Area? Under Eye Lateral, Eyelid, Brow Lift

I want to find an experienced dermatologist, esthetician or ps who can take a global approach to the peri-orbital area. It is not so much the tear trough that is a problem but... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between Fat Transfer & Fat Graft? Candidate For Area Around Mouth?

Which would probably work best for the face, in area around the mouth? In misery from post-surgical scars that were NOT supposed to be in the area, acc'd to pre-surgery... READ MORE

Which is the Best Laser to Cause Skin to Contract, Tighten?

Please I just want an honest answer. I had horrible damage to my lower lip and skin beneath after a surgeon weaved an excessive amount of fascia though my lip (the goal was to... READ MORE

Are there doctors who perform fractional Co2 laser in the Tampa Bay area?

I found two facilities in the Tampa Bay area. One man said he doesn't use the 1927 laser because of the "down time." I think that's a bogus reason because of course there will... READ MORE

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Stem cell fat injections a permanent way to rejuvenate face?

Two Tampa Bay area plastic surgeons are doing fat injections with stem cells. The after photos look wonderful: nice plumped cheeks, smoother, healthy skin. One Doc says it is... READ MORE

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I don't think it is the client's expectations, but the practitioners who promote their latest gizmo to restore/repair/tone etc. collagen and elastin and lift and etc. I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews about the Endymed Radio... READ COMMENT

It has nothing to do with the quality of your blood, but how many platelets they can extract, what kind of system they have and if it is able to extract a certain number of platelets. Some are more precise than others. However, I will... READ COMMENT

It's not so much the quality of your blood as it is the system they use. To be at its most effective, they need to get a certain percentage of platelets from the blood they draw. Different systems can guarantee certain percentages, some... READ COMMENT

Hi I should have checked this so long ago. Realself blocked out your email, but we are supposed to be able to send one another private emails. If I you still need the info, I will send you a private message. READ COMMENT

She is no longer there. Very mum about it. I would not go there now and that is not a reflection on Lecada. I have facial scars and learned the hard way, scars on the face you need to see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon who has A... READ COMMENT