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27 Year Old Male, Fat Transfer - Toronto, ON

I chose Dr. Kesarwani because he is a highly reputable, experienced and accredited plastic surgeon. My initial questions and concerns were all answered right away by his receptionist Anita and she got me in for a consultation right away and booked me for surgery well within my required time frame. When I met Dr. Kesarwani, he was friendly and calm which put my nerves to ease and answered all... READ MORE

25 Year Old Male, Unhappy With Rhinoplasty. Sudbury, ON

I finally decided to get a rhinoplasty after thinking about getting it done throughout my life, it was the perfect time in my life to get it done and I'm really happy I chose Dr. Barr to do it. Right from the consultation, to the surgery and follow up appointments, everything was handled professionally and with great care! I had an idea of how I wanted my nose to look but didn't really know... READ MORE

Questions from Anonymous121212

My bottom teeth slant inwards creating sunken in smile. Is there any solution to this? (Photo)

I've noticed over the years my bottom teeth have really slanted inward making my smile look sunken in and stretching my already thin lips out to make them look non existent... READ MORE

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it?

Is permanent lip augmentation worth it? I have thin lips and have been told when I smile they disappear and also when kissing a girl once she said it was like kissing someone... READ MORE

Calf augmentation

I read somewhere that there is a surgery where the calf muscles are cut and this allows them to expand more to build more muscle and make the calves overall bigger. Is this a... READ MORE

I am wondering if I should look like this immediately following fat transfer? (photos)

I just got fat transfer to the cheeks, eye hollows, laugh lines, nasolabial folds, lips and chin. I look scary but I'm hoping its mostly just swelling. Can a Dr. or someone... READ MORE

Follow up: Did I ruin my face? (photos)

It's day 2 of my fat transfer and I'm still worried it did not turn out as I expected it would. I had fat transfered to my under eye cheeks, nasolabial lines, lips and chin. I... READ MORE

My nose tip or columella hangs down. Any suggestions? (photos)

My nose tip or columella hangs down and I want to know if there is a way to shrink down the base of the tip or top of the columella. I say both because I'm not sure what should... READ MORE

How to fix hollow smile? (photos)

When I was a kid I unfortunately had to have my adult eye teeth and two other teeth puled to make room for other teeth to grow in when I went for braces. I have a small mouth... READ MORE

How much Botox should be injected into depressor septi muscle?

I'm thinking about having my depressor septi muscle weakened but before that I'd like to see what the result might look like. I read botox would work to give a temporary... READ MORE

What's needed to fixing my nose tip? (photos)

I've attached a picture of what my nose tip looks like now and what I'd like it to look like. I'm wondering what procedure(s) would be involved to achieve my desired result.... READ MORE

What's needed to fix my droopy low eyelids? (photos)

I've attached a picture of what my droopy eyelids look like now and a picture of my desired result. I had upper eyelid surgery on both eyes to fix ptosis but I find my upper... READ MORE

Question about Rhinoplasty revision vs nostril narrowing. Any suggestions?

I had a cloased rhinoplasty almost 3 years ago and the Dr. didn't do any work to my nostrils because he said he doesn't do nostril surgery. I want to have my nostrils narrowed... READ MORE

What to do about fat pouch under my chin? (photos)

I had neurolept smartlipo already but I find there is this weird fat pad that has been there ever since the surgery and it really bothers me. I've asked a few surgeons about... READ MORE

What can I do about my nostrils and nose tip? (Photo)

I already had a rhinoplasty which only dealt with the bridge of my nose. I'm not happy with my nostrils and nose tip from my front view. I went to talk to the surgeon that did... READ MORE

Will upper jaw surgery (lefort advancement) affect my nose shape? I'm also getting rhinoplasty revision.

I have my surgery booked for rhinoplasty revision which will be narrowing my nostrils and lifting my nose tip. However I have a consultation in a week to see an oral surgery... READ MORE

Recent comments from Anonymous121212

Hi soren40, thanks I'm very happy with the results. I didn't have many before photos to upload, none that would show the difference from all angles, I'm more looking for comments regarding these images I posted and any suggestions to... READ COMMENT

If you have a consultation with him ask to see the before and after pics. That's the best option because I don't really have a good quality before pic to compare to but he took pics of me on all sides of my face before and after. READ COMMENT

Wow awesome transformation! READ COMMENT

Thanks Malika,I have confidence you're going to do great! READ COMMENT