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Yes! I Have Eyebrows Again! Microblading is a Great Invention - Newington, CT

My sister got microblading done. I had never heard of it. But I had over plucked my eyebrows in the 90s and they were just too thin. I would pencil in, but that would just fill them, not change shape or size. I didn't want tattoo eyebrows because it didn't look natural. But after I saw my sisters I loved it. You couldn't even tell it wasn't hair. So I made an appointment ASAP. I just did it... READ MORE

Getting InMan Aligner - Willimantic, CT

I had braces as an adult already. But I didn't eat my retainer and my front teeth have moved. Most noticeably my front bottom teeth. The Inman Aligner is like a retainer and Invisalign but only for the front teeth. It's a re-treatment for people who have had braces with some relapse. I'm excited to correct my teeth again and I will be wearing my retainer always after this treatment. It's... READ MORE

Hurts, but Worth It! - Willimantic, CT

I had crooked teeth my while life.'mostly the gap between my top from teeth bothered me. Treatment was about 1 1/2 years with bi-weekly to monthly visits. Happy with results; teeth were perfect. I didn't eat my retainer so my teeth have moved some & I want to go back for re-treatment. I had wire braces done; but if I do revision since it's only slight, I want Invisalign. READ MORE

Best Ever Too See After Being "Blind" - New York, NY

I had bad vision since I was 10. So bad, by the time I was 28 I couldn't see the largest "E" on the vision chart. (Vision was 300/20) My corneas were too thin so they chose PRK surgery (similar to LASIK") The procedure itself lasted about 10 minutes MAYBE! Nothing hurt during. All I saw during the procedure was green and red lights and darkness. I could immediately see clearer after. They... READ MORE

White Teeth with Top Results - Willimantic, CT

I'm not a smoker, wine drinker coffee/tea drinker. Teeth were prett white before zoom; but after zoom ultra while- perfect results. Procedure took about an hour. Just lay there with a Mouth guard, gel and light. I didn't realize there would be "pain" but it was manageable. And maybe lasted a few hours.!Also I did not have any side affects life sensitive teeth. I had one of the highest levels... READ MORE

2 Tattoos Removed; Still in Progress; Ring Tat on Finger and Tat on Ankle - Norwalk, CT

The first tattoo I had removed was the I on my left hand finger. I got it when I was 20 yrs old, married to the wrong person. Then we thankfully got divorced; I had it about 4-5 years. It was a date, black and very dark& noticeable. About 5 treatments of laser removal and it's completely gone! (I'll try to find the before and after photo) The second one is on my ankle of a care bear I got... READ MORE

Regular Botox User for 1 Year - Stonington, CT

I started getting Botox in January 2015. I've gone every three months. I am 32 years old with wrinkles only hardly starting to show and I wanted it to be more preventative. I've gotten it in my forehead every time. I've loved the results all year long and will keep doing it as long as I can. It is very quick and no pain. (I can only think it feels like popping a pimple on some parts of the... READ MORE

32yrs old, 5'4" 124lb, 1 child, stretch marks, tummy tuck, 495cc mentor, gel, shaped textured implants, peri areoler breast lift

I am beginning the journey to get a better body! I have been a member of this site for 6 months. I've been interested in a tummy tuck and breast augmentation for years. The time has come to put the plan into action. I've scheduled appoitnments to interview doctors. I have one in May and one in June. I have to travel to see them, they aren't close. I have a trip planned in July, so I would like... READ MORE

Questions from MellyQ

3 weeks post op, upper back & chest pain; is this normal? (Photo)

5'4" 125lb eat clean and exercised regularly pre-surgery. Recovery going well. Went 2 work after 2 weeks, desk job. Nearly standing straight-until noon, then hunched. Can't... READ MORE

I had BA, BL 6 wks ago. Over the past few days I noticed a tender swollen area under breast/armpit area. Is this normal? (photo)

I had an areolar mastopexy with 495cc left breast, 445cc right breast gel textured implants used. I am concerned because: I haven't noticed it looking like this before. It... READ MORE

What is superficial breast infection? Does this appear to be why I have? (photos)

At nearly 8 weeks post op I've had redness, swelling and severe pain in my left breast. At first it was slight swelling with some redness. Now it's red raised and extremely... READ MORE

Can I clean the inside bulb of my JP Drain? (Photo)

I have a JP drain in my left breast from an implant that had an infection and had to be replaced. It's been in for 9 days and is expected to be out in the next 7 days. It's had... READ MORE

Left implant needs to be removed, it's infected, 8 weeks after inserted. What is best course of action now?

I had an infection in my left breast 8 wks after surgery. The surgeon tried to scrape out the infection and replace w/ new implant. It didn't work. The implant needs to come... READ MORE

How long after breast re-implant surgery can I start running again? And how many miles can I start running?

I had a staph infection in my left breast. My implant was removed and I will have surgery soon. It will be over 7 months since removal to let it heal. I run 3 times per week,... READ MORE

Is side sleeping after Breast Augmentation and Lipo of back and flanks ok?

I had my left breast only augmented and liposuction of my flanks and back from bra line & down) I am 2 days post-op. Would it be ok to sleep on my right side? I've been... READ MORE

How soon is it safe to get microblading after plastic surgery?

Is it safe/ when is it safe for me to get microblading done? I've had liposuction and breast augmentation 4 days ago. Also I had a staph A infection in my breast 10 months ago.... READ MORE

Does Acellular Dermal Matrix to fix thin skin on breasts have a very high success rate to fix this problem? (Photo)

One year after breast augmentation I had a very black and blue spot on my right breast. (Size of a quarter.) The skin was very thin. I didn't have pain. When I saw my surgeon... READ MORE

Stitches seem to be splitting open and bleeding 2 weeks later. (Photos)

I had alloderm placed in my breast because my skin was too thin and the implant is was showing. Its been two weeks. My stitches seemed fine Thursday. But today they are split... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: How long might it take for this breast seroma to heal? (photos)

I had ADM put in because I had thin skin & my implant was showing. Its been a month since that surgery. About 1 & 1/2 week later I developed a seroma. I have had this... READ MORE

Recent comments from MellyQ

I've been getting the extensions for a year and haven't had any damage to my lashes. But I have been told they could cause damage if you use them too much. They just fall out with my natural lashes. The only time I had damage was when I... READ COMMENT

Thanks! In the very first picture with the two of just my eyes, I am not wearing make-up. In the one week later photo, I am wearing make-up. (The one with my hair down.) The third one with my hair in a side braid I have NO make-up on.... READ COMMENT

I would just go where you feel comfortable. If they said no, then I guess no? But when I got tattoos they had me put the same ointment on. That was a needle & this is a blade, but still tattoo. If you like the way your girlfriends come... READ COMMENT

Lol. They pick a pigment that is much darker than your natural color because so much fades in the first week. So they are super dark. But today is 13 days since I had it done & they're perfect! I mean I am happy I got it done! They told... READ COMMENT