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Is It Possible To Have Ultherapy on Nose & Upper Lip? In Not, Why?

My upper lip has lengthened considerably as I've aged - so much so that it has changed my smile. This has been upsetting for me. As I have a dark olive complexion &... READ MORE

Severe Facial Edema After Botox, How can this be Treated?

I had Botox on my frown & above my eyebrows 5 days ago. Since then, I have experienced facial edema, but most severely in my lower cheek area (think Marlon Brando in the... READ MORE

Are lumps, dimpling, irregular contours, fat necrosis and other such complications more likely after 2nd or 3rd BBL?

My 1st BBL was VERY disappointing, but the lipo involved was a disaster. I was very fortunate & found an amazing surgeon who revised & corrected many of the lumps & uneveness... READ MORE

Off the wall question, but is it better to have toned, sculpted muscle prior to revision lipo, or more of a 'fleshy' body?

It's interesting to note how irregular lumps (where too little was lipo-ed) from previous lipo appear when I've been working out hard at the gym vs. when I've taken a month or... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty altered my smile. What can be done to restore it?

It is possible (and quite probable) that the surgeon who performed my rhinoplasty - 4 years ago - cut my depressor sept nasi muscle. I have also found that my frenulum (Labii... READ MORE

Multiple Thread Lifts created scar tissue to 'hold' the skin up, but the underlying layer still droops! Can I have a facelift?

I've had multiple procedures (thread lifts), but the results are so short-lived - it's frustrating! The scar tissue created under the skin has had the affect of 'propping' my... READ MORE

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So what did you eventually do to treat the thick hair regrowth caused by the laser? I'm going through the same mishap, so would love your insight! READ COMMENT

Oh my ... a year later would make you almost 47 now ... ! You would be nuts NOT to post those beautiful photos of you sans makeup! You are STUNNING! :) I feel so validated having read your post. I'm turning 44 this year, and seeing... READ COMMENT

I hope you're healing well now. Your posts truly tugged at my heart ... my condolences for the loss of your husband, and for the disappointment you experienced through your initial surgeries. I also have to say ... you have the most... READ COMMENT

I am sorry that so many of us only now realize the consequences of procedures we had when we were younger. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story, and hope you find resolution soon. Take your time finding someone... READ COMMENT

Oh! I hadn't realized you had replied - thank you! And ... OMG! WHAT?! Here I am, sharing how I am experiencing the same skin laxity you had in your pre-op photos, and you have put me to SHAME! I'm 43! Kashmiri11, you are a... READ COMMENT