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Questions from Gwyneth

Who Performed Tara Reid's Abdominal Liposuction?

I know that she experienced a lot of skin irregularities the first time she underwent liposuction. Also, which dr worked to correct the irregularities? I have wanted... READ MORE

What is the Most Controlled Way to Remove a Very Small Amount of Fat?

I seek to remove approximately 200 ccs of fat - a roll of fat which lies directly and continues obliquely and over the iliac crest towards the back. I can be skinny everywhere... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift incision be placed above the nasal sill?

Is there a reason why the incision cannot be done inside the nose above the nasal sill and continuing forward to transverse the columellar skin? Of course this includes... READ MORE

I accidentally cut my nose, horizontally, 3mms deep at > 45 degree angle to skin surface.​How did the cut heal so well?

Needless to say, it bled profusely. First, I washed it w/ liquid soap, rinsed it heavily causing the skin flap to fold backward. Then I pressed the flap gently in place. That... READ MORE

What surgical approaches can be used to elevate the nasal sill not the whole nose?

This would include not pulling the nasal sill closer to the face as might happen if sutured to the nasal floor periosteum. READ MORE

Can the removal of a hardened (Grade 3) saline breast over muscle implant be performed under local anesthesia sitting forward?

Details: I've had major surgeries under local- not squeamish. I want a small incision placed in the same place as previous one, the edge of the capsule grasped, slightly pulled... READ MORE

What is the technique used and the cost of deflating Saline Implants (350cc's over the muscle w/unilateral Grade 3 capsule)?

What should I expect with needle deflation & can any dr do this (is it straightforward/simple)? After deflation, I will wait to see how the skin adjusts then determine if I... READ MORE

Will removal of implant w/o removal of capsule (Grade 3 & 4) allow capsule to atrophy?

1. Since the offending foreign body (implant) is removed, shouldn't this halt the body's active response to a foreign body, thereby rendering a smaller & less vascularized... READ MORE

Do porcelain crowns adhere to dentin?

This question refers to central upper incisors (the 2 front upper teeth). The reason I ask is because part of my teeth (lingual side) is nothing but dentin, the labial side as... READ MORE

Needle deflation for above muscle saline implant w/Grade 3 capsule - should the anterior or post. of the capsule be removed?

Unilateral Grade 3 (not rock hard but firm, not quite normal looking, no pain). Plan: deflate implant, allow tissue to adjust several months. Later remove implant & some degree... READ MORE

Re: 20 year w/ OVER MUSCLE SALINE implant - how are adhesions prevented when dealing with a breast capsule?

Implants still in. After 10 years, I developed a unilateral Baker 3-4 capsule. Other side is very soft. When addressing the capsule what plan & surgical approach/es best... READ MORE

How is it this patient's lip lift doesn't distort her nostrils or pull downward on her columella?

Is it bc the skin was undermined from the lip to the incision line? In a majority of lip lift cases, the nares are pulled down from the tension @ the incision creating frontal... READ MORE

Do many cosmetic/plastic surgeons get cosmetic surgery?

If so, which procedures have cosmetic/plastic surgeons you know had? READ MORE

Regarding varied skin retraction time after planned saline implant deflation? Is compression garment a good idea?

From your experiences/observations: 1. What's the shortest & longest amount of time you've seen skin retraction continue after elective saline implant (NOT under the muscle)... READ MORE

What are surgical causes of chronic red nose after 1 rhinoplasty & remedies (venule microsurgery, capillary mesh transplant)?

>10 y. ago had a rhinoplasty to address tip, hanging columella & long nose, using a closed approach (dr pref). I understand anastomosis -small vessels regenerate. However, I... READ MORE

Bull horn lip lift - re:preventing nasal sill pull downward w/o nasal floor sutures and maintaining the nasolabial angle?

Is there a method by which to prevent the nasal sills, increased frontal nasal show, & the columella from being pulled down after a bull horn lip lift? I see this continues to... READ MORE

I want to submit an idea for a better lip lift, what is the best way to do it?

I want to submit to a large body of practitioners for several reasons, one, lips are central to esthetic appeal. Two, current methods need to be re-evaluated, they simply are... READ MORE

20 year over-muscle saline implant unilateral Baker3. Is it better to treat the capsule at time of implant deflation?

One implant is soft the other developed a Baker 3 capsule late (>2 post-op). I plan to proceed in steps allowing time for breast tissue to adjust before final re-implantation.... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Ever Used a Surgeon Whose Surgeon Had Undergone a Facelift?

Excuse the redundancy in the title of this question. But I'm interested in knowing if your facelift surgeon had a facelift too?I would be interested in seeing what the... READ MORE

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You sound like what I have gone through. READ COMMENT

Just saw that you wrote one treatment was $150, sorry about that. But I have another question: does your esthetician give you anything to put on your skin immediately after the treatment? READ COMMENT

May I ask how much each of the 6 treatments cost or what does it cost if you buy them all at once? Thank you for sharing. READ COMMENT

How does the camera used to take pictures with the gloves handling the implant get sterilized or cleaned? READ COMMENT

Thank you again for sharing. I'm typically a very curious person and in the interest of all persons who undergo this and when I have more time, I want to look this type of absorbable suture up. I have to wonder if you really are an... READ COMMENT