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I'm sorry as well! I'm also very emotional and upset. When I read Gogi's post, it remimded me of my own misfurtune with the same procedure. I have posted on the venue many times. It has be in excess of 14 months since my upper and... READ COMMENT

Huh? Wowie, wow,wow. If that's all you see in those photos- it says a great deal. Thanks in behalf of her :) READ COMMENT

Hi, If you are refering to me(yours2love), it's been 7 months or so now and my Dr. suggested after one year to revise my eyes in 2/2011/(as he states, I'm the 1% that didn't do well w/this type of surgery) and my neck(not enough skin... READ COMMENT

Yes you truely are lovely! I'm 59 and just had a mid-plane face lift and wanted both my upper/lower lids done as well. MY Dr. suggested I have fat grafting as I had no bags, but lost volume in my checks and upper/lower lids. I'm 12... READ COMMENT

I also forgot to add-that I ALSO had a deep plane face lift and the holes in my peirced ears sewed(THEY WERE STRETCHED OUT).The 6 procedures done in an out patient facility, done with a full staff, in a super clean and friendly... READ COMMENT