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You look GREAT can't even tell you have children! AMAZING! READ COMMENT

Im sure if you ask you can obtain a copy, i mean its your body ya know? I wonder why he did that because what he recomended for me me is totally different and we are about the same built, my shoulders may be a bit wider though. He... READ COMMENT

Ohh out of curiosity,do you have a preop pix? and is 500 cc the implant size he actually put in you? or was it a smaller size that he filled to 500? READ COMMENT

Omg I feel terrible that you are soo unhappy =( !! and its funny that you said that about one being bigger than the other because that is exactly what I was told!! because of you I am really considering leaving my deposit and running to... READ COMMENT

Omg!!! I have my surgery date on the 31st of this month!!!! with this dr. idk what I am going to do now...=( that is my fear one breast bigger than the other because one of mine is slightly smaller than the other and they told me to get... READ COMMENT