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Smart Lipo-probably Not Best Option for Me - Gallatin, TN

I chose smart lipo over a tummy tuck because I didn't want the scar associated with tummy tuck. I probably should have gone with that procedure in hindsight. I had smart lipo and it was aggressive near the pubic area-maybe too aggressive . that area was extremely flat and since the area directly above it wasn't, I have a noticeable bulge. I honestly think it looked better before when it was... READ MORE

Questions from bj1994

Surgery to Shorten an Overprojected Tip - Risks? Technique? Results?

I am considering having rhinoplasty and it would involve shortening an overprojected tip. how is this achieved and are there many risks of complications. also, how does it... READ MORE

Is There Anything at All That Can Be Done to Reverse Hypopigmentation.

If i get even a slight tan the hypopigmented areas look even worse. i was wanting to know if anything can be done to repigment skin? i would be willing to try herbs or vitamins... READ MORE

Possible To Narrow Nose After Spreader Graft Made It Too Wide?

I had rhinoplsty in which a spreader graft was used. i am unhappy with how wide my bridge appears now. it is possible to narrow it? i have had 2 previous rhinoplasties alreadly READ MORE

I Am Wanting to Have Large Implants Exchanged for Smaller Ones, What About the Risk of Loose Skin?

I am 5'2 and have implants which were overfilled to 350 cc. i have been measured and told i am 32DD. i feel this is too large for my frame and want to be a small c. my... READ MORE

What Are the Differences Between Cohesive Gel and Saline Implants?

Do cohesive gel implants look and feel more natural than saline. do they feel as heavy as saline does? also, is one safer than the other? READ MORE

will smart lipo problems eventually resolve?

I had smart lipo 14 months ago on my abdomen. what I have now as a result are two distinctly different levels. it is very flat right over my pubic area but then bulgesover that... READ MORE

I have very uneven results after smart lipo. Will additional lipo help to even it out or do I need to consider fat grafting?

I had smart lipo on my abdomen approx. 2 years ago. the end result was an extremely flat area over the pubic area and a bulge on top of that. I was hoping for a gradual... READ MORE

Is there any procedure to tighten skin on abdomen other than tummy tuck?

I have had lipo and am left with loose skin on abdomen. not horribly bad but it bothers me. I don't mind spending 2500 dollars on a procedure like thermitite or thermage but I... READ MORE

Is ThermiTight effective and permanent?

I am wondering if anyone knows if thermitite is permanent READ MORE

What's the best way to fix a downturned mouth?

I have noticed in photos that my mouth is downturned if I am not smiling. I have some marionette lines but not too terribly bad. I am 50 years old. what would be the best... READ MORE

What is best procedure for tightening abdominal skin?

I have had lipo and have no fat in abdominal area. however, I do have loose skin. what is best procedure in your opinion to tighten skin in this area? READ MORE

What's the best filler for marionette lines?

I am trying to decide between fat and belafil for marionette lines. which do you recommend? READ MORE

Is it possible to remove or replace spreader graft with good results in Rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty in which surgeon used spreader graft and alar batten graft because he felt my nose was taking on a pinched appearance from a previous rhinoplasty. I... READ MORE

I have had 2 previous Rhinoplasty surgeries and still not happy with result. Would another surgery improve my result? (photo)

I have had 2 rhinoplasty surgeries. I feel that my nasal bridge is wide now and my tip is bulbous. I have had batten graft and alar graft implants. I also don't like the fact... READ MORE

Would at home Derma Rolling help with abdominal skin laxity?

Would dermarolling be enough to help minimal skin laxity READ MORE

Recent comments from bj1994

You look great ! gives me incentive to move forward READ COMMENT

Can you tell me if you were happy with dr kaye. I am considering him as well as I live close to his office READ COMMENT

Thank you for the advice. have you had the surgery and if so how was the 2 week period of no sitting or lying on it. im afraid I will roll over in my sleep and compromise my results READ COMMENT