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Cellulaze Did Not Make my Behind Perfect, but It'smuch Improved - Ventura, CA

I am 60 and had class 3 cellulite, the worse. My behind looked like an elephant. I am not significantly overweight. The cellulaze improved it a marked degree. it was not terribly painful. There was bruising and tenderness for a few weeks, then itching during healing for about 2 months. Now it in the acceptable range. READ MORE

Lip Tattoo is Great - San Luis Obispo CA

I did it 10+ years ago and it has faded a bit but still looks fine. I did the whole lip area, not just a liner. I think that is better.Enga at Playgirl Salon in Santa Maria did it. There is also a very good tatoo artist at A La Mode in SLO> READ MORE

Saline Sclerotherapy Was Ineffective and Painful

It really hurt to the point where I was in tears ( this is not normal for me) and afterward the doctor never said that I should wear compression stockings which I understand is normal procedure. It really wasn't effective either. I've had much better luck and less pain with laser therapy from other doctors. READ MORE

Laser Removal of Facial Spider Veins

I have had laser removal of spider veins on my face twice in my 40's . The last time was 7 years ago and they have never come back. I have light skin and redden easily and have some sun damage which gave me a look of rosaceae. I think it's worth it. READ MORE

Laser Lipo Instead of Brachioplasty - Pismo Beach

I am 57 and just had a laser Lipo in Pismo Beach, California. It is fantastic! No scars at ALL ( just the mosquito bites where the lipo tube goes in) . and my arms look completely natural. The recovery time was about a month when they are sore to the touch. But now they are fine 3 months out. I am perhaps 15 pounds overweight, but the weigh had settled in READ MORE

Sinus Surgery Worked for Me

My sinuses were "scarred shut" as the doctor put it.....after an infection that simply didn't respond to antibiotics. I had post nasal drip for years and was constantly sniffing.The surgery did the trick. No more problems and if I get conjested I use my Nettie pot which really helps.I don't know the actual cost because it was covered by insurance. READ MORE

Recent comments from laurarice

My lips were done with a novacaine block from a dentist. But since then I've had them retouched and it has always gone well. I feel that the best advice is to find someone with makeup tatoo and find out who did the work. READ COMMENT

I don't remember the sclerotherapy cost. It was about 15 years ago and it was saline. Yes I will do a test area and report. Probably going down in Nov. for the treatment. I try to do something every year to improve my appearance... READ COMMENT

Self tanners are not so great for me because I have a lot of brown spots which really show up with self tanner. They get darker. I find the best results with Sally Hanse leg makeup. It really evens everything out but still does not... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the input. I haev had my saphous veins closed and another one in my left leg besides. I have worn compression stockings most times too. And I didn't go to franchises for spider vein treatment. I've also had sclerotherapy and... READ COMMENT

You're welcome. I hope the moderators enourage deatils and not sympathinzing in the comments...."Just the facts mam". READ COMMENT